Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Little Ballerina and her 1 minute bun

Yeah, I've been gone and the first post in a long time is being typed because I'm super stoked about is something I paid $6 for today that I LOVE and couldn't resist sharing!

First of all, if you are a regular here, of all things you could probably remember about my girl is she has A LOT of hair...

No? ;)

It was one of my first thought of obstacles when we decided to enroll her in dance classes and the instructor said she has great dance hair! How in the world would I manage to get that hair up in a bun that will actually stay up?? So my first dance mom worry kicked in!

She is taking combo class of ballet and tap. She was SO excited and ready to begin! Her first class was last week and all the way up until the day, she begged me to let her wear her leotard, tights, and shoes. So once the day finally came, she could hardly stand the excitement! Of course, it was my job to try to get her hair up in a bun. I had already stocked up on bobbie pins so I was prepared...or so I thought! We finally got it up with a lot of frustration and I just crossed my fingers that it would stay up at least until I picked her back up from her lessons. With more than a dozen bobbie pins, lesson one was a SUCCESS!

I was able to watch her a little bit through a one way mirror right outside the studio. Lots of tears filled my eyes watching her-thinking about how she's grown up into such a little lady, how adorable she looked, and how I managed to make a ballerina bun to go with my ballerina princess-never mind the fact that it resembled somewhat of a beehive! Okay, totally kidding on that last one, but none-the-less, she was BEAUTIFUL and doing a splendid job pointing and tapping her once teensy toes!

After dance, we rushed home to get changed, eat lunch, and then head to school. Because I didn't have time to re-fix her hair, we tested our luck by going to school with the bun. I wasn't too surprised that her hair resembled something that...well, just didn't look natural when I picked her up after school. It reminded me a bit of some of the things we did to our hair in the 80s. I was hopeful that it just met it's demise minutes before school was out while out for recess. Hopeful, but unknown and I was okay with not knowing.

Week 2's bun look much better today when we walked out the door, but after having to tweek it a couple of times before class, it ended up falling about halfway through class. Her instructor pulled it back up for her and I was SHOCKED that it actually make it all the way through school today! When I asked her instructor about how she did it and told her my struggles, she assured me that it does take some practice. Her daughter's hair was very similar to Aleeyah's in length and thickness and she suggested that I try getting the larger bobbie pins-that they hold much better.

After I dropped off Aleeyah, I went to Target to get a few things and to see if I could find the larger bobbie pins. I ended up picking up Goody's Bobbie Slides-thinking that was probably what she was talking about.

I also found some of these...

Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin

Let me tell you, I was SKEPTICAL! So skeptical that I neatly undid all the packaging for the high chance that they weren't going to be worth having around. They are as simple as they look. Like 2 pieces of wire twisted to create a corkscrew type of ma-gig.

Not sure of how they were going to help me in my ballerina bun endeavor, I gave them a go on the girl after school. I twisted her hair around her ponytail until I had a bun. Then I used one Spin Pin and twisted it clockwise into the top of the bun and then used the other on the bottom end of the bun. I held my hand on the bun cautiously and to my amazement, IT STAYED!! And feels secure! At this moment, I think I could hug me some Goody inventors. Seriously.

I'm not sure how these 2 little guys work, but I don't really care at this point. They just do! This was a quick up-do. Took me all of 1 minute. I think before next week's lessons, I may take 2 minutes to make it look top notch though. I was a bit concerned if they would be hard to take out afterwards. So many products end up knotting up her hair in the process of getting them out. But I was delighted that they were very simple to take out-just took turning them counter clockwise until they unscrewed out.

The plan is to take most of the other larger pins back since I won't be needing them and get a few extra Spin Pins for Aleeyah's dance bag!

I'm excited to see what other exciting adventures come from this season of dance! I mean how much more exciting can it get than hair pins...?!? ;)
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