Thursday, December 10, 2009

Apparently, more tree than we can handle!!!

We decided that since we didn't know where we were going to be living next Christmas and that it didn't make sense to buy a tree for where we are currently that may not fit well in the new place, that we would go with another real tree this year. It's not a decision I really thought was ideal. My experiences with the real tree last year didn't go very well as it bothered my allergies while it lived in my house for a month. The OCD in me didn't care for the unpredictable branches either. BUT I also knew that I didn't want to go buy an artificial one this year to possibly turn around and have to get rid of it the next year.

So we headed out to the tree farm with my dad to find the perfect tree. (Little did we know how UN-perfect our tree turned out to be!) We ended up at a different tree farm than the one we went to last year. It looked like they had a good set up, but we made it there just before dark-too late to enjoy the extra stuff. We began walking through the hundreds of trees to find a suitable match.

We found "the one", Chris cut it down, and then we headed back to have it bundled and shook for us. By this point, it was sleeting on us. It was cold to say the least.

(at this point, we attempted to get a family picture with our tree in the sleeting rain, but Aleeyah wasn't having it)

We got her home and set upright.

While I started on the lights and garland (and took pictures of them admiring their handy work), Chris and Aleeyah worked on getting a fire going.

Aleeyah also (quickly!) put on her PJs because she was insistent that she had to be in PJs while she decorated.

It was time to start decorating!

We finished and as Chris vacuumed up the pine needles, Aleeyah and I had some hot cocoa.

2 peas!

Even Oliver sat down and relaxed by the fire....okay, if ONLY that were any bit of truth-that would be great! He is WAY too busy to sit down and relax by the fire! Truth be told, I sat him there and told him to stay. It took about 20 pictures to finally get one that didn't have him launching out of his bed right at me.

Chris began turning off the house lights so that we could see the tree glow, while I straightened a couple of small details. All the sudden, things went down quickly! No, I mean literally, I'm standing in front of the tree barely touching the thing, when all the sudden it starts falling! I tried but couldn't catch it. I stood there for a split second in shock until I realized that the tree base's water was being poured out onto the carpet!

Something missing in the picture? Oh, yeah-the tree. This is where the tree once was...

Broken carnage...

More ornaments (mostly under the towel) and mess that Aleeyah moved for us as we spent the next 1.5 hours! trying to get the tree to stand upright again.

We ended the night with throwing the tree in the corner until our minds were clearer and the red dot rash was removed from both my arms and hands from the pine needles stabbing me like little allergy shots.

The next evening, we spent another 1.5 hours trying to fix it again. We ended up tethering the thing to the wall and calling it good. I put the garland back on and then we waited another 24 hours to make sure it stayed up before we decorated again.

So THIRD night of Christmas tree decorating, it is decorated and still standing (we won't talk about the lean we noticed again tonight even though it is mounted to a stud). We set the mood again and enjoyed another night of tree decorating.

He looks highly impressed doesn't he? (just wait until you see another pic we took!)

SO there ya have it--our Christmas tree woes. NO MORE REAL TREES!!!!! (you may need to remind me again next year after the tree incident of 2009 will become one of those memories that is just funny and I forget the tears that were cried on my couch that night.)


pippasmum said...

Well, it looked very pretty in the end...

Cherish This Life! said...

Oh honey...HOW MISERABLE and fun at the same time, LOL! I don't think you will need any reminders about the tree episode of 2009 either. Last year was my moment to shine and have our tree episode of 2008 and it was all I could think of while I set up the tree this year! Thankfully all 11 light strands are still shining (it helps when you don't hook the majority of them together!!!!) so I think we survived without a tree episode of 2009, but I do have 2 more to go so I shouldn't say that yet. All that matters is that the finished product is BEAUTIFUL! It looks great! I love all the pictures!

Oliver is so stinkin cute. I love the picture of Aleeyah decorating and holding him, he looks so happy to be decorating! And the stocking pic is too cute!!

Jill Foley said...

I'm laughing really hard right now!

I'm also trying to figure out how a tree wouldn't fit in a different home...ours has been in 5 house now and it looks great in all of them!

Da MiMi said...

What's really funny is to see your little son breast feeding his bear. I'll just leave with with that...hmmmm....denials, i'm sure...

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