Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lullaby, and Good Night

As Aleeyah played half of Mary Had a Little Lamb tonight on the piano from memory when I showed it to her about a month ago, I couldn't believe how grown up she is becoming. She is constantly comparing her height to mine and asking when she is going to be as big as daddy. Her head already reaching halfway up my rib cage when she stands next to me. Her fingers can comfortably fit in between mine now. Her feet are finally able to stand in my high heels. She asks big girl kind of questions. She makes proclamations that instantly make my mind think about the teen years ahead.

I wonder if we will get it mostly right. If when she's grown she will look back and know that we did everything we could do to be a part of every moment of her life. If we took each day with a positive outlook and lived our lives with her the best they could be. If we succeeded in helping her to learn to follow God-hand in hand.

Today, I cherish that her daddy is her hero and I am there to make everything better. I enjoy her climbing up in my lap to cuddle even when it means that I'll be jabbed with every sharp bone in her body. I can say that I even enjoy the nights she is scared and comes crawling in our bed with a slight whimper. I get to hold her close those nights and comfort her.

Most of the time, it feels like it's going by all too quickly...


After putting Aleeyah to bed tonight, she came walking back into the living room where Chris and I were sitting. She had tears in her eyes and her voice all shaky.

Me: What's wrong Peet?

Aleeyah: Momma, I want you to sing me my favorite lullaby.

Me: And what is your favorite lullaby?

Aleeyah: The one you have sang to me since I was a baby.


...but then there are those moments like this evening. When it all comes back to holding her in my arms like I once did and singing my baby girl her favorite lullaby.

Lullaby, and good night,
With pink roses bedight,
With lilies o'erspread,
Is my baby's sweet head.
Lay you down now, and rest,
May your slumber be blessed!
Lay you down now, and rest,
May thy slumber be blessed!

Lullaby, and good night,
You're your mother's delight,
Shining angels beside
My darling abide.
Soft and warm is your bed,
Close your eyes and rest your head.
Soft and warm is your bed,
Close your eyes and rest your head.

Sleepyhead, close your eyes.
Mother's right here beside you.
I'll protect you from harm,
You will wake in my arms.
Guardian angels are near,
So sleep on, with no fear.
Guardian angels are near,
So sleep on, with no fear.

Lullaby, and sleep tight.
Hush! My darling is sleeping,
On his sheets white as cream,
With his head full of dreams.
When the sky's bright with dawn,
He will wake in the morning.
When noontide warms the world,
He will frolic in the sun.


Cherish This Life! said...

Tears, tears, tears! LOVE this post. She is growing up so fast and I truly believe you have no need to wonder. A knows in her heart NOW that you are doing everything right and that will not change. You and Chris are so amazing with her, she is a blessed child with fantastic parents!! I love the picture of you with her as a baby and the lullaby, so cute!! LOVE this post!!

Becky said...

This one made me tear up!

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