Saturday, September 19, 2009


Tonight, at 7:56, our final plane landed in Oklahoma after a long journey of ships and planes, seas and mountains. We are home.

It may be a bit confusing for some. Our house is in Kansas City, so some might think we aren't home yet. No, the journey to our house comes tomorrow. But as the cheesy saying goes,

Home is where the heart is.

Oklahoma has been my home for all my life up until a year ago. I still say I'm going back home when I talk of coming back to visit. Most of our family also calls Oklahoma-home. So when talking about love and family-the phrase still applies. We had some amazing family that helped make this last weeks of vacation possible for us. For reasons, I haven't shared here yet.

Alaska brought many things for us. Quietness. Togetherness. Peace. Sleep. Relaxation. Tranquility. Amazement. Worship. Spark. Laughter. As a girl with skin as sweet as milk and with hair glazed with honey, waited for her mom and dad to come home. She laughed and played with family as she waited, but still-she waited.

For us and for her, Chris and I relived and rekindled in Alaska. Alone. We enjoyed evening nights together, wonderful new adventures, but most of all-holding hands. Our hands have been filled with a bouncing little girl and things like diapers, toys, cups, and much more. Chris and I couldn't help but to swing our arms walking down the airport terminal, laughing, at the craziness of it all. Two adult hands. Swinging. With no child in between.

We loved our time together, but our hearts were never 'home' and then day 4 came and went, and our hearts began to long for 'home'. And there I realized even more--Our 'home' is with her. Our sweet baby girl.

We have lots to share with everyone from our Alaskan adventures, but as for tonight

Goodnight sun. Goodnight moon.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


It doesn't happen very often. Most of the time it's just sleeping.

My phone is getting the same treatment (for most of the time).

I'm going a place of quietness and relaxation. To reconnect.

I'll check back in some time after the 20th.

Have a great week!
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