Thursday, August 6, 2009

Underwear for Africa

*A simple FREE way of giving Underwear to Africa below*

A long while back, I went online looking for different ways to get involved in helping others and came across Mother's Fighting for Others. They have several ways of getting involved and I was inspired to do more from reading their blog.

Then a couple of months later, I wrote a Facebook status about trying to get some children sponsored through Compassion. Rocky (the founder of MFFO) left me a message saying she wanted my number to call me. We ended up chatting on the phone for about 20-30 minutes. I have been amazed by the difference she is making in Africa, but I was even more amazed after our phone conversation.

She had some ideas to share with me, but what she shared with me the most was inspiration and her passion for helping others.

I had been in a place of discontent with people who are helping others, but unwilling to help others get started. I had read blogs and blogs of others who their readers wanted interaction about getting involved and they gave nothing. I wondered how much more could be done if others stopped to share.

Rocky's call was an answer to prayer for me. Here she was, calling little ol' me, a stay at home momma, to talk to me about some ideas on getting these children sponsored. My mind kept going on and on about how busy she must be-you know-working in Africa and all. Traveling to Kenya to help girls dreams come true.

Then...I heard little voices in the background. The voices of children.

Really, children? How on earth do you do such things with a child at home? What? SIX? SIX children?

I think my jaw might have dropped on that one.

Inspiring she is!

That day, she helped me see that lots can be done no matter your situation. She helped me see a true passion for helping anyONE, anyWHERE.

SO why am I telling you all this? 2 Reasons.

If you're looking for another way to get involved-check out their website.

You can Inspire a Child. Give the Gift of Education. AND/OR give to Underwear for Africa.

Want to give a go at giving underwear to Africa right now? For FREE?

Check out this site...

They are giving a pair of underwear to MFFO for each comment they receive on their blog post.

Simple as that!

Get over there. Comment. Then head over to MFFO to check out what they are doing in Africa.


Kelly T said...

Left a comment for a pair of underwear. Thanks for sharing. BTW, I haven't had much time for commenting lately but I love your JAGged Edge boutique as well as all the other things you're doing to help others out. Blessings as you continue to pursue these things for God!

Racquel Turner said...

Just wanted to let you know we changed the logo!!


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