Monday, August 3, 2009

A small move update!

Whew! So the move has gone fairly well, but it is a slow process. I forgot how much I don't like moving when you don't have people to move it for you! It's been a tad crazy around here.

(random picture find on my camera card!)

It took us 3 days to get everything moved and we still have SO much to unpack. The house is getting there slowly but surely. It's funny because I've painted a wall, but have yet to get the kitchen unpacked all the way. Priorities? Nah. Priorities are NO FUN!

Here is a pic I just snapped of the living room. I will have to get more pics soon, but this is all you get this evening because honestly-the lighting against all the cardboard boxes just throws everything off!

Surprisingly, I didn't get any pictures of the actual move. I think our calves and quads were too angry to even think about a camera. It was most certainly a work out for all of us involved.

I think we are all loving the new space equally. We came from a 948 square feet apartment before moving here (which is 450sqft bigger than there)-after moving from a house in Oklahoma. SO to say that having some space again is wonderful feels a bit like an understatement. Seems a bit bratty to say-knowing what so many face out there with no roofs over their heads, but none-the-less we feel a lot less cramped.

It's a peaceful and quiet neighborhood without that apartment complex feel. We live around a lot of older people so no doubt they aren't driving down the road bumpin' in their 64s. Maybe 64s, but no bumpin' going on. We've already met a few of our neighbors and they seem to be really nice.

We've have definitely been taking advantage of the pool/hot tub. This pool/hot tub and no yard work have definitely set it in our minds that we won't be wanting a house in the near future!

So to sum up all my scatterbrain-ness of this post, we are settling in well! Only problem, I think the move has zapped my brain.


Jill Foley said...

Nice! When we were house hunting this last weekend, I thought anything under 2000 square feet was too small...hmmm. Guess I'm a little greedy when it comes to space. Doesn't help that my hubby has a drum set and I want space to work out at home!

Domestic Goddess said...

BOL @ bumpin' in their 64s. AWESOME! The place looks great already and really decorating is a WAY higher priority than unpacking! WAY higher!

GinSpaghetti said...

LOVE that picture of Aleeyah! Totally cracking me up!

Jill... drums? Hmm... :P

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