Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy 9..scratch that..10 year anniversary love!

Last year on our wedding anniversary, I wrote this blog post and video.


Nine years ago today, Chris and I stood barefoot in front of all our friends, family, and God and committed our lives to each other. It was a very hot day in August and the wedding was outside, but we all had a great time! After 9 years, I don't remember what we told each other exactly, but I do know that I love him more now than what I ever thought I could.

We met in June 1996 and he officially became my boyfriend on July 13, 1996. I was a young 15 years old and he was about to turn 18. I cannot say that we were inseparable until just months before he was to leave for Harding University. Before that we only saw each other a couple of times a week at church. He left for Harding and as much as we wanted things to workout us, our family, and our friends all had our share of doubts. His time at Harding was hard for us and I was going through the hardest time in my life with family stuff. We could only talk to once a week on the phone, but we always had letters going to each other through snail mail (a time when not everyone had cell phones, computers, internet, email, and instant messaging). I remember getting in trouble on more than one occasion for racking up the long distance phone bill. Sorry Dad!!! He eventually returned home and continued his education at a local university. I remember knowing in my heart that if we could make it through a long distance relationship at such a young age then we can make it through anything!

Shortly after I graduated high school, on August 7, 1999 we got married. I remember many people in our lives that told us that we would never make it. That we wouldn't last more than a few years. And honestly, seeing a young couple getting married so early in their lives, I don't know that I wouldn't have thought that very thing myself. But what we have together is more than the average marriage these days.

Since our marriage, Chris has worked night jobs or jobs that required travel off and on until just recently. I see now how God used our time apart prior to our marriage to prepare us for what was to come. Our bond remains strong no matter where Chris is, but I have thoroughly enjoyed him being home all the time now!

Of course, 5 years into our marriage, God gave us our little Aleeyah. We feel so blessed that we were able to have our first 5 years together to really get to know each other more as husband and wife, but feel even more blessed to have her in our lives. Chris has become a great husband to me and a wonderful father to our baby girl!

Hope you enjoy the slideshow of our 12 years together!


And a year later, I feel the same about my "old" man. In fact, this year has been amazing. Since he is no longer traveling in his job, we have really got to feel the full effect of being a family and ever more grateful for him for SO many reasons.

Our hearts are still young and in love and nothing makes us feel more in love than laughing together. He is still the one that I love spending the most time with (him and my girl, that is). He never complains about having to work so that we will be provided for and so that Aleeyah and I can spend these early years of her life together. He is so enthusiastic about getting his Master's degree so that not only can we be taken care of long term, but so that we can set our children up for a more financially stable future. He lets me thing short term while he thinks long term.

He can sometimes be hard to break because he is shy (most people just think he's angry or not friendly), but once that's broken you might often wonder who the 13 year old kid is inside that 31 year old body and (most days :) ) I love that about him--I think it even makes him a better father. Just so young at heart!

I love him more than the words on this blog will ever be able to describe.

As the saying goes,

We don't always have it all together, but together we have it all!


Da MiMi said...

I have no words but that I love you both very much....
sorry, can't type more -- too busy blubbering - joyful blubbering, that is....i vaguely remember shouting to everyone at the wedding that i finally had my girl!!! and i loves my boys and my girls....

Becky said...

Happy Anniversary!

Jill Foley said...

Happy Anniversary! I feel so old compared to you! We got married the year you met (1996....and I was 22)

Domestic Goddess said...

Love this post, and love the 9 year video, how fun, the pictures of you two are adorable.

I hope the Anniversary day was great and you got some quality time together. Love you two!

Tracy said...

Awwwwww, happy Anniversary Abbie. Sad to say but all I could think about when I read this was.. "why didn't I think to blog about my anniv.?? what a crappy blogger wife I AM!" heehee. Congrats to you!!!!! (BTW, I have one of those high school / distance relationship/ "they'll never last" loves too. When God is in the midst of something, it's the real thing.

Kelly T said...

Congratulations on ten wonderful years!

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