Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oliver, Smalliver, Ollie, O-Liver

We interrupt this house packing extravaganza for a special report.

Oliver is still alive. Repeat. Oliver is still alive.


Oliver's girlfriend, Nola....wait, you didn't know that Oliver had a girlfriend? Oh, yes. She may be rocking the cradle and Oliver, weighing in at a whopping 3.7 lbs, might just well be the same size of her head, but Nola goes for the best of the best and well....we think Oliver is one of the best.

Meet Nola.

She's showing off her sassy side with one of Oliver's collars.

From time to time, Nola or her mom writes Oliver . A little weird for a dog you might think, but she is high class all the way. She recently wrote to find out how Oliver was doing and if he was still around. She wanted photographic proof.

SO, I snuck around today to get a couple of pictures of him and.....well....I don't know that she is going to like this too much. I heard he has been attending quite a few local tea parties, but even worse........okay, maybe you will just have to see for yourself....

And I think this little girl, hiding behind him, just might be the culprit.

Check out the pink mittens on the front paws!

And just to warn you, Nola, the two of them are pretty much inseparable. He can be heard whining or yelping (depending on how far apart they are) for her to come back to him. They are most definitely, in love.

Sorry girl!

So there ya have it, Oliver is alive and well. Just maybe a little prettier than one might expect! ;)


GinSpaghetti said...

OMG ROFL!!! He has a barette in his hair!!!!! Pooooor Oliver!!! Nola is prissy but that Oliver, oh boy, oh boy!


Very cute!!! LOVE IT!!!

Domestic Goddess said...

LOL! The pink booties are AWESOME! Oliver is the most stylish little thing EVER! But don't worry Nola, you are still a pretty girl! :)

Tracy said...

I will not covet my neighbor's pooch, I will not covet my neighbor's pooch, I will not covet my neighbor's pooch.... Pretty sure dog envy would still be considered a sin....darn it.

I have a huge yellow lab, acquired while I was in a different hemisphere (so somehow I think that makes the adoption null and void on my side) Wanna trade????

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