Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Family Update-Moving, Schooling, Working

Well, we are still working on getting packed up for another move here in about 2 weeks. We are just moving to a new complex a few miles from where we currently are. We have decided that apartment living is still the best option for us right now. Chris still has 17ish more months of schooling before he has his masters. School keeps him really busy after work. It leaves no time for things like yard work and house maintenance.

The new place will give us an extra 500 square feet which will be helpful. We will also have an attached garage. Basically, you go in our front door and you can either go to the garage through another door or go upstairs to our apartment. It will be nice to have the garage right there and our own staircase to our place. It's also gated 24 hours a day with smaller code entry doors for walking out. We will also be in a wonderful school district. One that's scores are consistently in the top 10% of the nation. Even better for her worry wart of a mom, her school will be right next to our complex with only a gate and some field in between us!

I can't believe it's already time to start talking about school. After talking to one of the teachers, we have decided to not send her to Pre K. I had originally planned on it, but with her current level in learning, we don't feel like it would be best suited for her. She's been reading more and more words and has been doing well reading beginner books (still with quite a bit of help moving through the book). She continues to excel in other areas also. So we have decided to basically home school her for a year. Which isn't much different than what we have been doing. We will just add a little bit more structure to get her use to that before heading into Kindergarten. We also want to add some sort of extra curricular activity in to help in her learning to take instruction from someone other than mom and dad. We aren't sure what it will be yet, but we want to choose something that won't fill up every ounce of hers and our time. I don't want our whole lives to revolve around that one activity.

Homeschooling was our number one option in Oklahoma, but with the school ranking here and her desire and excitement to go to school, we feel it's best if she begins school in Kindergarten at the public school when it's time-which will be not this coming school year, but the next. She is very excited about going to school and has been asking us for weeks about where her new school is. She thrives on learning and I love that about her. It's not about how much she knows, but how much she wants to know. I think that is what will help her succeed.

What will the ol' momma be doing while her little ones is off schooling? Well, there's a great possibility I'll be schooling myself and working. Because of our desire to not finance our adoption, we will be saving and saving before we begin the process. We've been working on some extra things and one that I'll be able to tell you about soon. Another one, I told you about in my last post some.....errr....weeks ago. I don't know if work will be at home or part time somewhere, but it will be one step closer to where we want to be. Of course, I'd love to sit and fantasize about our adoption process starting sooner than later, but patience is already being learned in the very early stages of all of this.

Through our patience lesson, we have used the time to really reflect on the desires of our hearts in conjunction for what God's will is in our family. Something I feel wouldn't have happened had we rushed into it all. It's easy to get caught up in the excitement and stories of other adoptions or the feeling of needing to save the world, but I don't feel any of those are any great reasons alone to bring a child into our family. It's like getting a family pet without the thoughts of all repercussions of that decision. Of course, on a totally different level. Children aren't pets. Just felt I needed to clarify that I felt that! :)

Schooling for me? Well, I've been considering going to school for graphic design. I've been going it off and on in various different jobs, projects, etc for about 12ish years. I have always enjoyed doing it and it's one thing I have really stuck to doing since I began. I've also enjoyed doing lots of extra stuff lately with it. Some friends of ours came and stayed with us this last weekend. I had to laugh when he asked if I was doing freelance work. FREE would be the key word in all that. ha! It's always been free. Which I love to do it for other people at no charge. For me the challenge is so rewarding. BUT it would be nice to one day say that it is what I do for a living. So we will see. Who knows what is in store there, if anything.

Okay, so I think that's it on the wordy updates. I'll be posting some pics soon and a couple more updates on other things!


Domestic Goddess said...

Aleeyah is a SUPER smart girl and I think that skipping PreK will not affect her in any way. It's more of getting them in a routine than anything and you have succeeded very well with that. I can't wait for the new apartment and all your new spaces to decorate, I am so excited to see what you do with it all! :) And the school that close is AWESOME!!!

I didn't realize that was all Chris had left with school, that's great. I am sure he will be relieved to say he is done! And I am so on board the graphic design band wagon! You are SO great at it and take such pride in your work and the quality of it that it would make the perfect career for you, I think that would be great! Hopefully the schooling isn't terribly intense but I have no doubt you could do it with flying colors!!!!

Love you girl, glad to see you back on the blog!

Steve said...

Just a suggestion for your girl's schooling ... pray about it, and the right thing will be done!

We had our kids in public schools, but then got tired of everything being based around "the test." The test that is from "No Child Left Behind" that keeps everyone equal. Schools lack the ability to really help students capable of doing above the norm for the grade, while helping up those behind (or many times from families that don't care). Our boys are now in a private Christian school and we couldn't be happier.

Da MiMi said...

Thanks for the update! We appreciate all you do for your lil family.
I'm really excited at the possiblity of your expanding the graphic arts route.

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