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Whoo's Day is Tuesday?!--Meet Tracy

It's time for another Whoo's Day is Tuesday?!

Today, you get to meet another one of my blogger friends, Tracy. Tracy is another blogger I met through Compassion. She writes on Wages in the Making. She is a wife and a momma to 3 beautiful kids. She has a heart for children living in poverty and it shows through her words. She doesn't just talk about poverty because she feels that she should. I believe she truly hurts for them. She recently got back from a Compassion trip to see one of the children that her family sponsors. I enjoyed reading each post about her trip and the feelings that she went through. I was also so delighted when she offered to take a doll that I made to Ethiopia with her to give to one of the girls we sponsor.

After reading her interview-go over and say hi! She is very nice, warm person to chat with. It's definitely a blessing to know her.

When did you start blogging and why?
I started dabbling in blogging back in 2007 with the extinct dinosaur that is 'myspace'. Back then I only wrote when I had a really good antidote or really felt God leading me to jump up on my soapbox and start yelling. So those old articles are really some of my most inspired. This past year, I began blogging regularly on blogger to keep my friends and family, who had so graciously helped to fund a Compassion International trip to Ethiopia, updated on my progress and my trip. Through my trip journal entries, I found that I actually had a knack for writing and have sense used it to clear my head around midnight or 1 a.m. so I can sleep peacefully. Sleep medication I don't have to pay for!!

Has your blog evolved into something other than its original intent?
I think so. I started writing mainly to keep others informed about my life and my three kids as we live out of state. But now I use the computer as my own personal psychiatric couch. It doesn't talk back and doesn't charge me $100 an hour, so I'm going to try to keep up regular appointments, for my family's own good.

Is there a blog post that you have written that you would like to share with us?

Of course I have to mention my blogs about my Compassion trip as that was THE most memorable experience of my life http://wagest.blogspot.com/search/label/Ethiopia.

But sense that would take your readers at least a good portion of their lives to read all 10 days - I would have to pick my back-up of "Sick Days". I wrote it back in February of 2007 when my baby girl decided to throw up all over my van and the enlightening day that ensued. And who doesn't love a good throw-up story?? http://wagest.blogspot.com/2008/09/feb-2007-sick-days.html

Do you write on more than one blog?
Thankfully no. As I am a procrastinator at heart and my children would never have clean underwear if I did. ** Although Abbie so graciously tried hard to get me to switch places with her and head the Bible study blog while she took my place on the way to Ethiopia. I felt God may get a little mad if I disobeyed his calling and decided to instead suck it up and take the 16 hour plane ride over to Africa. I'm just hoping I can start MY own Bible study blog up next year so she can graciously switch places with ME and let me take her place in going to Uganda. Cause fair is fair and I'm just generous like that.

How do you think blogging has affected you the most?

I have found a boldness I didn't think I had. It is so much easier to witness, to point out difficulties we all face, to share intimate and personal struggles with others via a computer screen. And after doing this for about a year, that boldness has sense carried through to my everyday life. I am much more ready to share Christ, to talk to strangers, to share my pain or struggles with others since I have been able to use blogging to 'dip my toe' into the water and find out that God really does bless you personally when you speak out in His name.

Have you had an opportunity to meet any of your blog readers face-to-face?

Only my friends and family that are contractually obligated to read my rambling. (Although my husband doesn't read my > blog, hmmmm, isn't there something inherently wrong about that??)

Are there any particular blogger tools that you would recommend to others (ex. Blog readers, traffic sites, widgets)?

I am still such a newbie to the blogging world. I haven't even ventured out into that world as I know I would be much more dangerous. I know it's old-school, but I do love my FeedJit traffic feed as I think it's cool I have people popping in occasionally from around the world. Granted, it's usually from a random search like "chili recipe" or "Ethiopian day wages" but hey, a girl can dream of the big time, can't I??

What is the blog you look forward to checking the most daily and why?

I love reading Big Mama's blog as she is a member of my "Crazy for Compassion" club(that I just made up), was a Compassion blogger on last year's Dominican Republic trip, and seems slightly demented, in a hilarious way. Her sense of humour and wonderful writing gives me something to strive for. But I guess when you get about 23,659 hits a day, your blog must be pretty good. I'm just thankful for my 3 daily readers, at least I'm not talking to myself ....

Name 1 blogger that you would like to see interviewed?

Well sense Abbie is the only other blogger I keep close and personal tabs on (read as: the only other blogger that gives me comments...), I think she needs to answer these questions herself!!

Is there anything else you would like to share?
Short of begging, I really would like you to take the time to read my Ethiopian trip entries. Not for my benefit but the benefit of all the children I was able to meet, hug on, love on, and share with while there. Back in the Fall of 2008, God would NOT leave me alone with the nagging message that I needed to go on Compassion's Africa trip. Compassion International is an amazing organization that is truly changing the lives of children, and I was able to see that first-hand. The sights and lessons the Lord taught me there were amazing. In America, we are bombarded with so much STUFF that clouds our vision. To step into another world and see true joy, true pain, and true love of another, is a gift that cannot be gained through a good book or a TV show. It puts your focus back where it belongs, on your own family, and on the heart of God - His children, and His love for others.

Thanks Tracy for sharing and joining us today!

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