Thursday, May 7, 2009

We have a winner!!!

It's been only a week since we launched the Future Hope Project. And what an exciting week it has been! We have had a great response of enthusiasm through blogs and emails and I wish I could sit down and share them all with you. Instead, I'll give you some highlights.

Jill from Girls Just Want to Have Fun wrote about FHP HERE and showed off her packages HERE. Also something to note-she only had to spend around $10 for one package. Just $10!

Judy from My Compassion Experience wrote about FHP and Compassion HERE and she posted a button on THIS blog where she features crocheted blankets to benefit Compassion International.

Kimberly from Tree Huggin Mommy writes about FHP HERE. She's also loading up her two girls to join the efforts to purchase the needed items.

Sarah from Finding What I Am Looking For is talking about it HERE. Check out that good lookin' button on the right side!!

I also want to note that we have 2 large group efforts already in the works! A friend of mine that I use to work with a million moons ago is organizing a drive at her church.

Jill (also mentioned above) is also in the process of organizing a group drive with her mom's group!

I know that is several shout outs, but we are indeed thankful and excited about the support!

Thank you everyone who emailed, blogged, twittered, facebooked, myspaced, etc on behalf of the Future Hope Project this week!!

Okay, now down to the winner of the $25.00 gift card. Typically, I like to do a video of the Aleeyah drawing a name, but she is quiet in the other room and all parents know that disturbing such a thing is...well....not to be done! So this time, I did it the old fashioned way-by myself with no camera. You are going to have to trust me this time. :) All the names were written on little blue pieces of paper and then put in the closest plastic container I could find. Swirled around. I reached my hand in, grabbed one of the names from the sea of blue...and.....


Congrats Jill! I'm thinking the added 6 entries for the group drive helped you out on this one!

Thanks again to everyone who helped spread the word this week! We will be needing to keep the word going so let us know if you have any ideas.

Don't forget to continue to collect items for packages and get them sent off. We still have another winner to announce soon for the Ugandan handmade craft. See HERE for more details!!

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Jill Foley said...

WooooHoooo! Thanks Abbie!!

Hey...I'm still having trouble finding plastic diaper covers. I think I'm going to have to order them online and I was wondering exactly what you have in mind...(like size). The only thing I can find locally is 12-18 months and they look huge! They are for 20lb babies.

I'll need to know for my packages and then for the ones we do with our Moms Club drive.


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