Thursday, May 14, 2009

Most Randomness Thursday

Well, I totally missed Whoo's Day is Tuesday on Tuesday, but don't worry it will be back next week!!! I have also failed to update the blog with things going on in our lives outside of the Future Hope Project stuff.

Speaking of--I ordered some stuff a couple of weeks ago to make a pendant that I have been wanting to make for quite some time. I ended up not making the exact one that I wanted, but varied it. It fits with the FHP logo. I finished it yesterday and I'm pretty happy with it-especially being the first one I've done. I have some other plans to make at least a few others.

I still have to make the hole at the top a tad bigger to attach a jump ring and then get a chain for it.

Other than family time, FHP, third online Bible study coming up, and the other exciting thing I couldn't tell you about before, things have been pretty slow! haha! I will however be talking about the other exciting avenue we have been working on in the next couple of days.

We've been spending a lot of our family time doing more geocaching, walking/running/riding on the trails, playing at parks, and just hanging out. Chris has had his head in his school books, I've been doing a lot of craft stuff, and Aleeyah is...well...being a 3 year old!

On a bigger announcement--we have a new nephew!!! Mason finally decided to come out and play last Wednesday!!

I haven't got to hold the little squirt yet, but am looking forward to seeing him in 1 1/2 weeks!

We did get a chance to go to the Royals Game with Chris' work! Gotta love the free perks that comes with his job! We had an extra tickets, so dad was able to go with us also. Aleeyah was fascinated the whole time and kept asking what they were doing as if she was trying to figure out exactly how the game is played.

I do have to say that ballpark hot dogs and peanuts are totally overrated!

On another note of job perks--some of you may remember that up until we moved to Kansas, Chris and I have spent a lot of time apart throughout our marriage due to him working out of town each week with various jobs. It was rough, but we made it through it and are happy to be together now! One good thing that came out of our time apart and all his traveling is the racked up frequent flyer miles and hotel points. For the last 4ish years we have had enough hotel points to take a 7 day cruise almost free and enough frequent flier points to get us there. We've been putting it off for quite some time, but have decided it would be a wonderful way to spend our 10 year anniversary-which is this year. So we head out to...

ALASKA in September! For Chris it will be like returning to a place he once called home(not quite in the same area he use to live) and for me, it will be an all new experience! One of the biggest challenges I'll face is leaving my baby home. Well, not home-with responsible adults, but not with me. I've only ever spent 4 nights away from her in all her 3 1/2 years of life. I'll miss her like crazy, but am excited about spending some alone time with Chris. So in September (almost a month after our 10 year anniversary) we will fly out to Seattle and then hop on board the ship and sail away!!

Okay, so I think that's going to be a wrap on my completely random post!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful week so far!


Tracy said...

Once again, jealousy rears it's ugly head!! My one and only cruise, for my 10th anniv., to spend alone, close time with my hubby - I ended up getting preggo 2 months before (unexpectedly). He spent it in the shows and midnight buffets with friends. I spent it in the room napping or throwing up. Memories......

GinSpaghetti said...

Oh how I love that necklace! You're such a craft wizard! :P The other thing that we don't know about??? Is it OC? Hmmm... I'm all curious now! Can't wait for the next BS! BOL! (LOL @ BOL...yes, still...) Mason is SO cute! And... ALASKA?! Ahh! SO much fun! Can't wait to hear ALL about it!!!

The Leeth family said...

Hey! I have been gone from the blogging world for a while, but am back! The cruise sounds great!! I really enjoyed talking with you recently and hope you have time for a quick visit while you are in town!!

Domestic Goddess said...

How did I TOTALLY miss this post?!?!? Between emails and the post I can't remember which I replied to but then I confuse myself so who knows! I SO love that pendant, you did so good, especially considering this was all new to you. The stork is amazing!

And September will be here before you know it, HOW FUN! I know it will be hard for you to leave Aleeyah for that long but it will be such a great getaway for you two. I can't wait for those pictures, I have always wanted to go to Alaska!

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