Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Whoo's Day is Tuesday!? Meet Gin

Today's post is coming a bit late on this Tuesday! Chris has been sickly and me being the mom/nurse of our household, I have been a bit busy.

This week you get to meet another special online friend of mine, Gin. I got to know Gin when she sent me a message about being a part of our upcoming blogger Bible study and I'm glad she did.

I know she would probably keep me from saying what I'm about to say if she was sitting next to me, but I'm going to anyway! haha! She is one amazing lady! She is my age, but has done so much already. She doesn't mention it below, but she founded Hope Aid International-an organization that provides anything from school tuition to sewing machines to cows for families in Uganda. At this point, I am planning to join her in Uganda some time in the next year and a half for the ribbon cutting of their secondary school and I am super excited about it! Besides for all the work in Uganda, she also does social type work as her primary job and is all about the dog rescues. She is definitely a person who loves to serve and she does a mighty fine job at it!

So read about her interview below and then go check out her sites!

When did you start blogging and why?
I started a blog a looooong time ago (in undergrad maybe?) when Blogger was still known as Blogspot and had no association with Google! I didn't really understand blogging back then and didn't write too often. It was mainly my own personal journal. It's been so long now that I have no idea how to find my old blog.

Has your blog evolved into something other than its original intent?
I was actually inspired to blog again from Compassion's blog! I'd been having such a great time reading the posts and commenting... it kind of taught me what a blog could be! I'm sure that sounds a little silly considering I had one forever ago, but I feel like back then, blogs weren't what they are today. Maybe I'm wrong and was just challenged, but then again, I was a tech know-it-all back then so perhaps blogs really have changed. Afterall, now blogs aren't just blogs, there is an entire blog world!!! When I started my blog, I did it to reflect on things going on in my life. I didn't feel connected to God in a way that satisfied me. By writing about my relationship with Him and diving deeper into life with Him, I hoped to find more of what I was looking for -- I thought that by writing my thoughts and reflecting on my life through my own words, I would find more of what I needed. Whew, that was long! :) Back to the question... I've used my blog... totally taken advantage of it. I feel horrible. Blog, please forgive me! I've certainly not dished my blog's purpose, but I have used it to share things other than what I intended. I don't think my blog minds -- and I have really enjoyed meeting new friends!!!

Is there a blog post that you have written that you would like to share with us?
Hmm... I don't have one that comes to mind, but when I looked back through some posts, I think I really like all of the posts from November of last year. There are some funny ones, some sweet ones, and some deep ones. Here's the archive link: http://iseehope.blogspot.com/2008_11_01_archive.html

Do you write on more than one blog?
Isn't there a rule that states you must have more than one??? I have a few actually... Let's see, there's Chronicles of the Bird People http://thebirdpeople.blogspot.com ... and you know what, now that I'm thinking about it. This was actually my second blog...it started as a joke because SO many people were asking about me and D so I made a blog that started as a joke. Then we actually used it because our friends would ask about it. I found that I enjoyed posting and decided I wanted to write about more things. So that combined with the Compassion thing lead to my main blog, Good Morning World http://iseehope.blogspot.com. Then I realized how much I had to say about my sweet love, Nola, so it was only fair that she had a blog dedicated to her alone. http://mydognola.blogspot.com. I'd emailed Abbie way before she was ready for the next Bible Study group and was super excited when she announced that there would be another one -- and I got in! LOL, I was really excited to be part of this! It's my first one! So I write on the BS blog http://livinginhisdesign.blogspot.com.

How do you think blogging has affected you the most?
Hands down, I've met some of the best, most genuine friends I could ever have. In fact, some of my best friends I have never met. To some I'm sure it sounds completely ridiculous, and I'm sure if I didn't have them, I'd think the same of someone else... but it's true. I have loved getting to know people through the window they give me each day when I see a new post in my reader. I've enjoyed following along through the exciting and joyful times and I've enjoyed being able to pray for them and encourage them through the difficult times. Blogging is soooo much more than simply putting thoughts out there. It's an entire community, and I'm happy we're neighbhors! (How cheesy is that?!) I can't help it, it's how I feel... neighbhor!

Have you had an opportunity to meet any of your blog readers face-to-face?
I have a few friends who blog but with regard to meeting new friends that I met through blogging. Nope.

Are there any particular blogger tools that you would recommend to others (ex. Blog readers, traffic sites, widgets)?

Seriously, you're asking me?!

What is the blog you look forward to checking the most daily and why?
I'm not even going to publicly admit how many blogs are in my reader right now... however, I love them all! Some I am an active commenter on and others I am a complete stalker! The blogs I read range from every day inspiration to international adoptions, dogs, crafts, and DIYs. Is it possible to be excited about all of them?! The ones I look most forward to would definitely have to be by people that I "know" though. Friends that I've either met online or know in person. I enjoy reading about what's going on with everyone!

Name 1 blogger that you would like to see interviewed?
This is tough to answer because I know such a small group of people that I would love to read anyone's interview!!! I've found that it's really neat to read the answers from people that I do know and it's also neat to maybe meet and learn about new friends this way too. Do I have to choose someone?!

Is there anything else you would like to share?
Thank you for interviewing me!!!
A friend is one who strengthens you with prayers, blesses you with love and encourages you with hope. -Unknown

I feel so blessed to have met such wonderful friends through blogging and I have learned so much from each person. Some of my friends know me from shared blogs or comments and others I simply stalk. But I love each and every one! Thanks for the interview Abbie!


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