Thursday, April 16, 2009

We are all long as they are organized!

Instead of getting caught up on reading blogs and responding to emails, I thought I'd actually give you something in between Tuesdays (haha). No really, I do plan on getting our Easter photos up and our other various activities in between. Really. :)

We are getting closer to being able to out the thing that I mentioned a few weeks ago. Remember, the exciting thing? Yep, that one. I can't wait to finish up the few details left and let you guys in on what is going on.

I've also got that other exciting stuff in the works that needs quite a bit of work before really coming out with it.

Oh, how I love surprises....when I'm not the one waiting. Now, if it's just itching to know-I have a feeling it wouldn't take more than a simple email to get it out of me. :) I'm not so good at holding it surprises!


This evening we went to Target to pick up a few groceries that I couldn't get from Aldi. It's not something I particularly enjoy-that is, going to two grocery stores, but seeing as how Aldi has cut my grocery bill in half, it is definitely worth it. Besides, I love Target and any excuse to go there is a good one with me!

Aleeyah has been into playing games lately. She has a few games. Such as, the Mickey Mouse and Go Diego Go game sets, Elefun, the Candyland Castle Game, and The Grouchy Ladybug Game.

What do they all have in common?? LOTS O' PIECES!!!

And what are some of the extras we picked up at Target tonight?

Yep--MORE PIECES!!! Although, I'm totally pumped about playing 2 of those games! Aleeyah played a little bit of the Connect Four this evening before bed. She was happily putting all the black and red checkers into their slots to make a pattern. Black, Red, Black, Red, Black, Black.....

Something completely not understandable came crying out that tired 3 year old little girl as her dad walked by and dropped that last black checker--not in the correct sequence!! Dad made it right, tears were wiped away, and Aleeyah was back to putting her new Connect Four checkers in their rightful spots.

As I was thinking about her little incident, my mind wandered....

Last week, I bought a bunch of containers to organize the current games we had. I also got a couple for all her craft supplies and such. Project game organization was spawned because I found some Diego and friends dominoes hanging out at the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Completely unacceptable!

Some say I have "issues". I guess if you saw how many separate containers she has so that she has no excuse to not be organized-you might begin to wonder. One for all coloring books. One for coloring pencils. One for crayons and another for chalk. One for fake food and one for kitchen utensils. One for dress up items. One for Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head and all their limbs. One for one kind of blocks and another for another kind of blocks. One container for Legos. Another for Barbies and My Little Ponies. Another for doll house accessories. Some for games and crafts. And of course, there are only 2 types of matching containers involved. We won't mention the defeat that came over me when I realized I bought an uneven amount of containers. Containers that needed to be in stacks of 2.

Her toy box even has one in it to separate out the small items from all the large items. Her crammed packed book shelves are organized with cardboard books on the top shelf. The second and third shelf has all the paper books and it is organized by size and each book is with it's series, if it has one. For example, all Dr. Seuss books together and all Disney books together. She has a series of books that has one book for each letter of the Alphabet and each number up to 12--all of which has to be in order.

Some times I wonder if it is a good thing that my 3 year old can actually get the items in the "right" spots. Am I teaching her to be organized or OCD? Chris on the other hand, would totally drive us crazy if he cleaned up her room. I shudder at the very thought! haha!

There are times that I wish there weren't so many pieces in children's games and toys, but of course, that is exactly what Aleeyah loves about them. She loves when things come in quantities. Stacking, lining up, and sorting can only be done when there are many of one item and she doesn't really even care what they are.

When we finish up her chore/behavior chart each week, she gets to pick small prizes (depends on which items she completed all week-brushing teeth, staying dry, taking care of pets, etc.) from a bag. I keep it stocked with fun little goodies from the $.10 bin at Mardels. You would think 3 or 4 different items would be most fun, but typically she will pick several of the same item. That's just how she is.

So I mumble about the many pieces that makes up her toy collections, I laugh about her and her obsession, and I wonder what impact I'm having on her, BUT she enjoys all the pieces and I rather enjoy getting to organize them!!

Any guesses on where I'll be tomorrow?


Britt said...

I totally love Connect Four!!!! Makes me want to go out and buy it!

Jill Foley said...

Ha Ha Ha!!! I'm laughing so hard, but only because I'm the same way. I am learning to let go a little bit, but when we have friends over and they start picking up at the end of their play time, I shudder! I know that when they leave I will have to put everything where it really goes. I even reload the dishwasher when Kevin so kindly clears up the dinner table!

But the bookshelves....I do that to! They at least have to be put away by size. All paperbacks are on one shelf and all hardbacks are on another. Then we have baskets throughout the house and that's where I rotate themes (dinosaur books, holiday books, clifford books, etc).

Just talking about this makes me want to go buy some containers and new baskets! : )

GinSpaghetti said...

I am SO excited about the THING that I can't hardly stand it! Fun games!!! I love the alphabet one! Eric C's books... Can't wait to see Easter pics, what? No pet rabbit in the Easter basket? ha! Oooh, that would be Oliver. Did you put little bunny ears on him? That would be so cute! He's sooo sweet! (haha, like I know him!)

Abbie H. said...

Britt-you should!

Jill-sounds like we ARE alike in that. I hear ya on reloading the dishwasher. I even reloaded my dad's the other day when he wasn't looking. :)

Gin-your comment cracked me up this morning. It was like an A.D.D comment! haha! I know I can't wait to get the other things completed so we can finally start talking about it. NO, no pet rabbit and we did try to put Aleeyah's bunny ears on Oliver, but of course they were huge on him!

Da MiMi said...

You are totally making us crazy! Can't wait to see what you have to unveil for us!
Yepper, indeedy folks! That lil girl takes after her great-grandpa Herman. She is the product of a few generations of o.c.d. folks.
Hmmmm, did that skip Chris? I was about to type that Chris is a guy and so can't have the o.c.d. gene, but then I remember that I just told everyone that my dad is a 79 year o.c.d. genious. Yes, indeed folks. When I go up to Ohio in July what I will really fear is not lil ole lady losing her mind, but instead fears upsetting my sweetheart lil ole dad and the organization of their condo. Gotta love it!

Domestic Goddess said...

I am SOOOO thankful for this post, you make me feel so normal! LOL! It is crazy how much it wears off on the kids though. I really thought that Abby just looks at me like I am a weirdo when I get on an organizing streak but I keep finding her in her room with the door shut organizing something else...last night it was her jewelry. But it cracks me up because she shuts the door to do it...I think she is a "closet" organizer, she doesn't want to be compared to her psycho organizer Mom! LOL!

Aren't games so fun, I LOVE game night and playing games, so much fun!

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