Friday, April 24, 2009

The Little Bunny Foo-foo

Well, since Easter was this past weekend....okay, so not really, but go with me....I wanted to get the pics up from our Easter festivities. Warning: This post will be picture heavy!

We went to an Easter Egg Hunt at Chris' work on the Friday before. It was nice to see some of his coworkers families and spend lunch with all of them.

Saturday, we dyed eggs. I have issues about the eggs going bad before we hide them, so I typically put them off until right before. I kind of messed up this year though. I knew we would be dying them just before bed, but then it set the whole thing off when Chris reminded me that I actually still needed to boil them first! Whooops! Let's just say, Aleeyah had a late night!

So we made eggs with construction paper while we waited for the eggs to cook and cool.

We did our family egg hunt at my dad's house after church. It was sprinkling during our time outside searching for eggs. Aleeyah's hair will attest to that as the pictures progress.

And a pic of one of the bunnies aka my brother!


Jill Foley said...

Love the bunny ears! As always, you got some beautiful pictures!

Domestic Goddess said...

How fun! Aleeyah looks so cute with her Easter Bunny ears on!!

GinSpaghetti said...

I can't remember if I commented on these pics already! I love them! Looks like A had a great time looking for eggs! I miss dying eggs... maybe next year. I think my favorite picture is the one with Oliver trailing behind, sooo cute!

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