Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

First, I'd like to thank fellow blog readers for believing me and supporting me....

Okay, okay-so for every one person who receives this blog award, another 7 also win it, BUT I am honored that I was one of 7 on Jill's blog and one of....14?? on Gin's blog (she doesn't follow the rules very well! haha! She is just a generous woman!)

So the deal is, I get an award-I list of my 7 most favorite loves-probably with some sap-you read-make it to the end-you don't win a prize....unless you are on of the seven "Kreativ Bloggers" listed, then consider your award-your prize!!!

Punctuation much? mmmhmmm.

So here we go---

1. Filling my number one spot, is God. I wish that I could say I always made Him my number one with my time. However, I've loved being able to spend more quiet, alone time with him lately. I've loved learning what that means. I've loved being able to see Him work in my life. I've loved learning to live in awe of Him.

2. Of course, my family. I love them-you hear a lot about Chris and Aleeyah on the blog so I'll comment on a few other family members that normally don't get the spotlight.

I've had a great opportunity to kind of reconnect, if you will, with my dad and brother since moving to Kansas. My brother stays pretty busy with his friends, but I've loved being able to spend time with my dad more and more and it's brought my heart such joy to sit next to him in the pew again during services each week. My brother graduates from high school in just over a month. Whew! How time has flown! Him being 9 years younger than me definitely puts a different perspective on his growth. He is such a loving, sincere young man and will make a wonderful husband someday....far, far from now! ;) Two more of the many key people in our lives is Chris' parents. I could go on and on about their love for all three of us and how they always make a point to be right there beside even after we moved 5 1/2 hours away. They are truly a gift to us.

I would love to name everyone and list the reasons why they are important to me, but the list would be long and plentiful!

3. Friends, offline and online. There is one offline friend that sticks out the most in my life. Her and I "have been friends since 3rd grade!" We haven't always agreed, but she has stuck by my side even when things were the toughest in my life. She knows when I'm hurting, she knows my trends, and she continues to be there for me. I always try to let her know how much it means to me.

Moving to Kansas in July 2008 was hard for various reasons. I lived in the OKC area all my life. My roots were planted in the red clay soil there, but sometimes you are led to new adventures and new soil. So my soil is here now, but just as all trees leave some roots when being cut from the ground, many of mine remain where they once grew. The hardest part of moving was saying good-bye to those I knew I'd grow apart from. Surprisingly, God has used the once creepy world of internet relationships, to build friendships when I needed them and they have continued to blossom ever since. We share common goals and desires and we enjoy growing together.

4. I love God's backyard. Whether it's the cool evenings that are perfect for star gazing or the smell of a rainy day, it's beautiful. It reminds me of just how big He is, but yet, how intimate.

5. Crafts would be a big one for me also. I love loosing myself in them. I love how they make me feel like a kid again.

6. You know my list couldn't be complete without blogging. It has been the root of most of my internet friends. It has also been a huge outlet for me to speak up about the needs of others, to get emotions out, and to just be me.

7. Finally, it all couldn't happen in a days time without caffeine. Yes, that pesky stuff that supposedly isn't so great for your body. It keeps me going and going and going.

Alright, so now it's awards time!!! I did some clicking back through blogs in curiosity of what the "Kreativ Blogger Award" meant or where it started from. I found and read some really talented bloggers, but didn't find the beginning! However, I did find some 30 blogs before it hit Gin's blog, that it was originally intended to be awarded to not those that you love (because honestly, I was trying to find a way to not make my list keep going and going), but to those those bloggers that stand out to you as creative bloggers--and in my world that means crafty and you blog about your crafts from time to time. That list is also a bit hard to narrow down, but here I give you my 7!!

1. Becky of Going Through Him to Find Me--Among one of many of Becky's creative talents, she makes these canvases. Her and Kelly (below) just recently made one to be auctioned off at a benefit auction where I use to go to church in OKC (where I met Becky). The money is being used by the youth group for their mission work in Honduras coming up soon!

2. Britt of The Clarke Family--Britt is one crafty momma! She has been working on some other crafts lately, but she mainly posts about her crafts she does with her girls. HERE is one of her most recent crafty days with the girls! I met Britt online through Compassion's blog and I have been loving getting to know her. I have even had the priveledge of talking her ear off quite a little too much on the phone.

3. Jess of The Random Thoughts of a Domestic Goddess--Jess is a very talented lady. Don't let her blog name fool you, she isn't all that random. Okay, okay-she is VERY random, but that's why I love her blog so much! One day you are reading her heart being poured out with scripture and the next day you are reading about her entire extended family wearing fake mustaches at a restaurant because...well...Jess is crazy like that! The craft that sticks out the most in my head that Jess has done is the scrapbook that she made for her in-laws for their adoption of their daughter from Ethiopia. It was through their blog that Jess and I came to know each other. She is such a kind and welcoming person-even welcoming enough to invite us to their holiday party last year.

4. Judy of My Compassion Experience--Judy crochets and sells some beautiful blankets to benefit Compassion International. I admire her for making something bigger than a scarf (all that my patience will allow) to use her talents to do something more. Judy is another blogger friend I met through Compassion. She recently became an advocate for Compassion.

5. Kelly of Thompson 5--One of Kelly's most recent blogged about was this artwork! She is a whiz at the scrapbooking stuff. People like her are what keeps me from scrapbooking. Her work always looks so great and it's quite intimidating! I also met Kelly where we use to go to church. BTW-she also does her own blog layouts!!

6. Pam of Stampin' in OK--Now talk about a scrapbooking Queen! This is some of her most recent blogged about work. She is a consultant for Stampin' Up. So she can fill all your stampin' needs. Pam is also using her talents to help others with a card ministry at the congregation we use to attend in OKC.

7. Sarah of The Pitter Patter Boutique--Now this lady amazes me! I "met" Sarah when I was hosting a contest/drawing thing. She is talented! HERE she is showing off one of her creations published in the Pregnancy & Newborn magazine! You can see her boutique HERE.

So Gin and Jill would have made the list, had they not already received the award, but they definitely fall into the crafty bloggers category and are most certainly worthy of noting!

Gin of Good Morning World, Welcome to my Thoughts--She has been on a roll lately with all her crafty talents. She has been working on some quilts, but also is working on and selling some adorable bags to benefit Hope Aid International, an organization she founded. I also met Gin online through the Compassion International network and have very much enjoyed getting to know her more.

Jill of Girls Just Want to Have Fun--Jill will probably argue with me that she is crafty, but just check out THIS post and tell me she isn't crafty! (sorry Jill, I just realized I never told you how cool you are for your green day!) She ranks up there with Britt on child craft fun! I'd really like to be her kid for a day! Jill is yet again, another Compassion junkie and Advocate!

Did you make it to the end?



Jill Foley said...

so adding green food coloring to things is crafty? wow...I never knew I had such talent! : )


Becky said...

I am so honored to be on your list. Thanks so much. I miss you girl!!!

Domestic Goddess said...

THANK YOU for the tag and the sweet, sweet words. You made my day! I am SO blessed to have your friendship in my life!!!!

You're my dileglut! ((not sure what that is but I'm gonna try and make it huge, the next best thing to cool, it's my word verification for this comment!))

Abbie H. said...

Jill--okay, it's more creative than crafty and technically, it is a creative award! BUT you still rock on the kids crafts!

Becky--Miss you too! And of course, you would be on the list!

Jess--You know I feel the same way about you! That's hilarious about the word! I will be looking for it in the days to come! haha!

Abbie H. said...

BTW Jill-your food would totally fit in the food craft department! ;) This time isn't the only time I've seen food look different on your blog!

MizTremblay said...

Wow, thanks for listing me in your seven, Abbie!

GinSpaghetti said...

Haha, I think Jess got like four of these from all of us! LOL!

I'm excited to go check out your awardees! :D

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