Thursday, April 30, 2009

FHP What is it?

So say for instance that Chris and I told you we were pregnant. Say that we talked about how excited we were. Say we told you that all we needed was this list of things for our baby:

3 cloth diapers
6 diaper pins
2 plastic diaper covers
1 receiving blanket
1 small travel size baby powder
1 pacifier
1 bar of baby soap

Would you tell me I'm crazy? What about a bottles, more blankets, toys? Ohh, the laundry I'd have to do with only 3 cloth diapers.

Fact of the matter is

1. we are not pregnant
2. this wasn't near enough for our comfort when we had Aleeyah almost 4 years ago
3. this is more than many mothers have around the world. Here in the US. In India. In Africa.

So remember the exciting news I wanted to share with you several times now?


Hope Aid International is working with a maternity clinic in Uganda to help new mothers and infants and that is where The Future Hope Project comes in.

Our basic mission is to get the small list of essentials gathered together in large quantities to help assist these new mothers and infants as they begin their journey of fighting the stark statistics that are ahead of them. We are asking that you get a large, gallon size baggie and fill it with the items above and mail it to us along with $5 to help with shipping costs. Then all the collected packages will be sent the maternity ward in Uganda.

These gifts are small in comparison to what they will face, but a wonderful gift that will be a treasure for the new family.

Check out for other ways to get involved!

The front page gives information about what we are doing (I'm trying to keep it short here). Click on Give Hope to find out what you can do. Click on Share for resources on sharing our project with others.


Also, I need your help in getting the word out. So I'm going a little giveaway for a $25 Barnes and Noble gift card as my way of saying thank you. :)

For each doing, you get a point (or more where noted). Each point will be how many times your name will be entered in the drawing. The drawing will happen a week from today (Thursday, May 7th).

**Post about it with the link on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Myspace (each 1 point)
**Post a Future Hope Project button (located on the site under Share with Friends)on your blog (2 points)
**Post a blog about it (3 points)
**Email friends and family encouraging them to get involved (2 points)
**Set up a fundraiser/drive for items with your church, small group, boy/girl scout club, etc (6 points)

Come back and let me know what items you did by leaving a comment or you can email me at So just for doing these things, you could be entered up to 16 times!

Also, check out Gin's blog post for an additional giveaway information and more info on Hope Aid International and the maternity ward!

Okay, go check out the site and get involved!!!!

If you post a blog about FHP or add a button to your blog, you can leave a link to your blog post in MisterLinky below.


Jill Foley said...

Oh you know that I am so on this!!!

Wow...this is so cool I am speechless!

I have already posted on my blog and put the button in my sidebar.

I've also sent an email out to my friends...

I'll also be praying for this endeavor!

And now I'm off to do some shopping for baby supplies!

GinSpaghetti said...

This is SO exciting! I CANNOT WAIT to see pics of the moms and babies with their packages!!!

Abbie H. said...

Jill-you are one we can always count on!! You are one awesome dudette!

Gin-thanks for doing all this with me! Seriously, we get pics? lol

pippasmum said...

What an amazing idea!!! I am so impressed by you ladies!!! I don't have time right now but I will write a post and email friends about it too in the next few days. I LOVE this!

pippasmum said...

Love the new layout, too!

pippasmum said...

Hi, again. I have put up a post and put the button on my blog. No need to enter me in the draw because I am not sure that Barnes and Noble will ship to Canada. Great job!

GinSpaghetti said...

We TOTALLY get pics!

LOVE the new layout!!!!

Jill Foley said...

very cool new layout! wow!

Kimberly said...

Hiya Abbie!

I really love this project! I am actively promoting it and have done the following:

1) advertised on my Facebook site via my status (Kimberly Pearce Stapleton)

2) Blogged about it

3) Put up a button on my blog

I will be shopping with my two daughters for the care package items.

If I am lucky enough to win the gift card, I would like to donate it back to either Future Hope and/or Hope Aid as they need the books more than I do.

Thank you for making me aware of this great project!

MizTremblay said...

Yay! I found Mr. Linky! I didn't see it before...perhaps it doesn't show up in Firefox (I'm using Explorer now).

I've uploaded my blog to Mr. Linky...the one where I posted about FHP. I've also put a button on my other blog:, and mentioned FHP on Facebook and Twitter!

Jill Foley said...

I linked myself again because I actually put together my packages so I thought it might be useful and/or helpful for people to see that.

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