Thursday, April 30, 2009

FHP What is it?

So say for instance that Chris and I told you we were pregnant. Say that we talked about how excited we were. Say we told you that all we needed was this list of things for our baby:

3 cloth diapers
6 diaper pins
2 plastic diaper covers
1 receiving blanket
1 small travel size baby powder
1 pacifier
1 bar of baby soap

Would you tell me I'm crazy? What about a bottles, more blankets, toys? Ohh, the laundry I'd have to do with only 3 cloth diapers.

Fact of the matter is

1. we are not pregnant
2. this wasn't near enough for our comfort when we had Aleeyah almost 4 years ago
3. this is more than many mothers have around the world. Here in the US. In India. In Africa.

So remember the exciting news I wanted to share with you several times now?


Hope Aid International is working with a maternity clinic in Uganda to help new mothers and infants and that is where The Future Hope Project comes in.

Our basic mission is to get the small list of essentials gathered together in large quantities to help assist these new mothers and infants as they begin their journey of fighting the stark statistics that are ahead of them. We are asking that you get a large, gallon size baggie and fill it with the items above and mail it to us along with $5 to help with shipping costs. Then all the collected packages will be sent the maternity ward in Uganda.

These gifts are small in comparison to what they will face, but a wonderful gift that will be a treasure for the new family.

Check out for other ways to get involved!

The front page gives information about what we are doing (I'm trying to keep it short here). Click on Give Hope to find out what you can do. Click on Share for resources on sharing our project with others.


Also, I need your help in getting the word out. So I'm going a little giveaway for a $25 Barnes and Noble gift card as my way of saying thank you. :)

For each doing, you get a point (or more where noted). Each point will be how many times your name will be entered in the drawing. The drawing will happen a week from today (Thursday, May 7th).

**Post about it with the link on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Myspace (each 1 point)
**Post a Future Hope Project button (located on the site under Share with Friends)on your blog (2 points)
**Post a blog about it (3 points)
**Email friends and family encouraging them to get involved (2 points)
**Set up a fundraiser/drive for items with your church, small group, boy/girl scout club, etc (6 points)

Come back and let me know what items you did by leaving a comment or you can email me at So just for doing these things, you could be entered up to 16 times!

Also, check out Gin's blog post for an additional giveaway information and more info on Hope Aid International and the maternity ward!

Okay, go check out the site and get involved!!!!

If you post a blog about FHP or add a button to your blog, you can leave a link to your blog post in MisterLinky below.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Whoo's Day is Tuesday!? Meet Gin

Today's post is coming a bit late on this Tuesday! Chris has been sickly and me being the mom/nurse of our household, I have been a bit busy.

This week you get to meet another special online friend of mine, Gin. I got to know Gin when she sent me a message about being a part of our upcoming blogger Bible study and I'm glad she did.

I know she would probably keep me from saying what I'm about to say if she was sitting next to me, but I'm going to anyway! haha! She is one amazing lady! She is my age, but has done so much already. She doesn't mention it below, but she founded Hope Aid International-an organization that provides anything from school tuition to sewing machines to cows for families in Uganda. At this point, I am planning to join her in Uganda some time in the next year and a half for the ribbon cutting of their secondary school and I am super excited about it! Besides for all the work in Uganda, she also does social type work as her primary job and is all about the dog rescues. She is definitely a person who loves to serve and she does a mighty fine job at it!

So read about her interview below and then go check out her sites!

When did you start blogging and why?
I started a blog a looooong time ago (in undergrad maybe?) when Blogger was still known as Blogspot and had no association with Google! I didn't really understand blogging back then and didn't write too often. It was mainly my own personal journal. It's been so long now that I have no idea how to find my old blog.

Has your blog evolved into something other than its original intent?
I was actually inspired to blog again from Compassion's blog! I'd been having such a great time reading the posts and commenting... it kind of taught me what a blog could be! I'm sure that sounds a little silly considering I had one forever ago, but I feel like back then, blogs weren't what they are today. Maybe I'm wrong and was just challenged, but then again, I was a tech know-it-all back then so perhaps blogs really have changed. Afterall, now blogs aren't just blogs, there is an entire blog world!!! When I started my blog, I did it to reflect on things going on in my life. I didn't feel connected to God in a way that satisfied me. By writing about my relationship with Him and diving deeper into life with Him, I hoped to find more of what I was looking for -- I thought that by writing my thoughts and reflecting on my life through my own words, I would find more of what I needed. Whew, that was long! :) Back to the question... I've used my blog... totally taken advantage of it. I feel horrible. Blog, please forgive me! I've certainly not dished my blog's purpose, but I have used it to share things other than what I intended. I don't think my blog minds -- and I have really enjoyed meeting new friends!!!

Is there a blog post that you have written that you would like to share with us?
Hmm... I don't have one that comes to mind, but when I looked back through some posts, I think I really like all of the posts from November of last year. There are some funny ones, some sweet ones, and some deep ones. Here's the archive link:

Do you write on more than one blog?
Isn't there a rule that states you must have more than one??? I have a few actually... Let's see, there's Chronicles of the Bird People ... and you know what, now that I'm thinking about it. This was actually my second started as a joke because SO many people were asking about me and D so I made a blog that started as a joke. Then we actually used it because our friends would ask about it. I found that I enjoyed posting and decided I wanted to write about more things. So that combined with the Compassion thing lead to my main blog, Good Morning World Then I realized how much I had to say about my sweet love, Nola, so it was only fair that she had a blog dedicated to her alone. I'd emailed Abbie way before she was ready for the next Bible Study group and was super excited when she announced that there would be another one -- and I got in! LOL, I was really excited to be part of this! It's my first one! So I write on the BS blog

How do you think blogging has affected you the most?
Hands down, I've met some of the best, most genuine friends I could ever have. In fact, some of my best friends I have never met. To some I'm sure it sounds completely ridiculous, and I'm sure if I didn't have them, I'd think the same of someone else... but it's true. I have loved getting to know people through the window they give me each day when I see a new post in my reader. I've enjoyed following along through the exciting and joyful times and I've enjoyed being able to pray for them and encourage them through the difficult times. Blogging is soooo much more than simply putting thoughts out there. It's an entire community, and I'm happy we're neighbhors! (How cheesy is that?!) I can't help it, it's how I feel... neighbhor!

Have you had an opportunity to meet any of your blog readers face-to-face?
I have a few friends who blog but with regard to meeting new friends that I met through blogging. Nope.

Are there any particular blogger tools that you would recommend to others (ex. Blog readers, traffic sites, widgets)?

Seriously, you're asking me?!

What is the blog you look forward to checking the most daily and why?
I'm not even going to publicly admit how many blogs are in my reader right now... however, I love them all! Some I am an active commenter on and others I am a complete stalker! The blogs I read range from every day inspiration to international adoptions, dogs, crafts, and DIYs. Is it possible to be excited about all of them?! The ones I look most forward to would definitely have to be by people that I "know" though. Friends that I've either met online or know in person. I enjoy reading about what's going on with everyone!

Name 1 blogger that you would like to see interviewed?
This is tough to answer because I know such a small group of people that I would love to read anyone's interview!!! I've found that it's really neat to read the answers from people that I do know and it's also neat to maybe meet and learn about new friends this way too. Do I have to choose someone?!

Is there anything else you would like to share?
Thank you for interviewing me!!!
A friend is one who strengthens you with prayers, blesses you with love and encourages you with hope. -Unknown

I feel so blessed to have met such wonderful friends through blogging and I have learned so much from each person. Some of my friends know me from shared blogs or comments and others I simply stalk. But I love each and every one! Thanks for the interview Abbie!


Friday, April 24, 2009

The Little Bunny Foo-foo

Well, since Easter was this past weekend....okay, so not really, but go with me....I wanted to get the pics up from our Easter festivities. Warning: This post will be picture heavy!

We went to an Easter Egg Hunt at Chris' work on the Friday before. It was nice to see some of his coworkers families and spend lunch with all of them.

Saturday, we dyed eggs. I have issues about the eggs going bad before we hide them, so I typically put them off until right before. I kind of messed up this year though. I knew we would be dying them just before bed, but then it set the whole thing off when Chris reminded me that I actually still needed to boil them first! Whooops! Let's just say, Aleeyah had a late night!

So we made eggs with construction paper while we waited for the eggs to cook and cool.

We did our family egg hunt at my dad's house after church. It was sprinkling during our time outside searching for eggs. Aleeyah's hair will attest to that as the pictures progress.

And a pic of one of the bunnies aka my brother!

Fashionable Friday

Ohhhh, the memories!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day!

As with any holidays, the idea and concept should be practiced daily, but it's nice to dedicate a day and be inspired to do a little extra that day.

So today we are:

*Going outside to pick up trash and enjoy the nature around us
*Take our boxes of recycling to the recycling container
*Attempt to use the least amount of energy and water resources throughout the day
*A few other crafty things, if the time allows!

What's your plans for Earth Day?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Whoo's Day is Tuesday!? Meet Jess

It's already time for another edition of Whoo's Day is Tuesday!?

I'm having such a great time learning more about some blogger friends of mine and sharing that with you. In the same turn, it is difficult to try to figure out which blogger to go next because I want to learn about each of you equally.

This week's interview is with Jess who writes The Random Thoughts of a Domestic Goddess and her title serves her well!

Jess is another online buddy of mine. The history of our relationship goes back to me leaving a comment on her husband's parent's blog. His parents were in the process of adopting from Ethiopia and I enjoyed reading their blog. (BTW-they just recently brought their little girl home about a month-ish ago!) Jess left me a comment on my blog, emails were exchanged, and our friendship began to bloom. She decided to join our Bible study group and I really enjoyed getting to know her even more. Later, she invited us over for their annual Holiday Party. It's kind of a funny story because we both had people in our lives that were questioning why in the world we were meeting some person that we just "met" online. Let's just say, serial killers typically don't join Bible study groups.

Inviting a stranger into her home is exactly what sums up Jess for me. She such a genuinely kind an welcoming person to anyone that wants it. She a wifey and a wonderful momma to her daughter, Abby--love the name, don't you?

She also makes me cry, but in a good way. :)

When did you start blogging and why?
I started blogging in March of 2008 because we were finally settled in our new home and I was working from home full time and LONELY! I found myself reading blog after blog and finally thought if they can do it why can’t I. I never imagined I would get so hooked or meet so many great people and I can happily report I am no longer lonely working from home!

Has your blog evolved into something other than its original intent?
It’s original intent was unknown, it was a time filler, a way to make me feel like I was having conversation and not talking to myself, LOL! So YES it has evolved into much more than I ever dreamed it would evolve into. It has been a way to keep our families connected, to share pictures and stories about our daily life and also to share my walk with God. I have met so many amazing people who have taught me SOOOOO much in my walk with God not only by their words but by how they live their lives. I am amazed more and more every day at just how great God’s plan is, and how perfect it can be when I let Him have control!

Is there a blog post that you have written that you would like to share with us?
There is no way I can just pick one, LOL! I am way too indecisive for that. If I had to pick one that I am most passionate about and that I have learned the most about myself because of it would be a topic and not just 1 post. Our Baby Boyd Dreams topic, ( I think I am up to 18 posts under that label now and it is something very dear to my heart. We are going on 3 years trying to get pregnant and I have to say that it has been one heck of a roller coaster. I have learned SO much about myself and about my faith through this whole experience. I have poured my heart out without hesitation and given the process to God, it was a struggle to get to that point but I finally got there!!!!

I think my favorite recent post was the one I did to recap my first year of blogging. I had fun looking back. But the blog posts that have gotten the most responses have been my Class of 99 posts, ( everyone has loved making fun of me! LOL!

Do you write on more than one blog?

I do…I am part of the All In His Design Bible Study group so I write there and then I have a top secret blog of mine own that I keep as a journal. Those are the only blogs that I have the “right” to post on but I am a comment junkie. I LOVE getting comments and leaving them so let’s just say I write on a lot of blog posts!

How do you think blogging has affected you the most?
As strange as it sounds it has opened me up to enjoying my life more, the everyday stuff, the “to do list” or the daily activities of life. I kind of went through the motions before and just did stuff but being able to blog and journal and photograph stuff that is part of my life has really made me enjoy things much more and acknowledge how much we really do. It has been a blast.

Have you had an opportunity to meet any of your blog readers face-to-face?
I have…I met Abbie which was so fun. We have great conversations and have a ton in common so we knew a lot about each other before meeting. It was great because our Husbands and kids got to meet too and it ALL went good so that was really exciting. We have met for lunch since our 1st meeting but haven’t been able to get together as often as I would like but hopefully now that the weather is nice we can have more lunch outings and park time, etc, etc. There are so many more readers I would LOVE to meet in person and I think that there are a few I will definitely meet someday, life will bring us together…God is good…He will make it happen!

Are there any particular blogger tools that you would recommend to others (ex. Blog readers, traffic sites, widgets)?
Ummm…too many to list. I don’t stick to one thing very long, I love to try new stuff and see how it works and then usually I go looking for something new after just a while. You can tell that by just how much the background and songs change on my blog! I can’t ever leave well enough alone! I Google search all the time to try and fine new Blogger widgets and improvements, there are some really smart people out there that you can learn a lot from! And Google reader is AWESOME, I usually only use it when I am behind on my reading, otherwise I like to go to the blogs themselves so I can what changes they have made and see how pretty the blogs look. I think the backgrounds and styles tell you a lot about people, they are so fun to look at.

What is the blog you look forward to checking the most daily and why?

I don’t know that there is one in particular that I look forward to, I just look forward to seeing who’s towards the top of the list because that means they updated! Life is busy and taking the time to blog can be time consuming so really if there is a new post on my reader list I am happy because it gives me something to read! I have been so inspired and touched by the reading I have been able to do through Blogger. If I have to name one blog that I stalk for updates it would be my Mum ( because I am hoping there will be new pictures and updates about our little sister on there!!!

Name 1 blogger that you would like to see interviewed?

GIN!!!! For sure. She has the A.D.D. brain thoughts thing going on and I LOVE it. She can keep me entertained no matter the subject!!! But I would also like to see your answers Abbie…you should do a Interview with the Interviewer. LOL!

Is there anything else you would like to share?

One thing that I have noticed or heard a lot of about blogging is that people don’t think they are interesting or that anyone will read or that they will offend someone by what they say. If there is one thing I could say it would be to do it for you and you will be AMAZED at how much you learn about yourself and life in general through blogging. I hear it all the time “I can’t blog, I wouldn’t even know what to say” or “I love reading your blog but there is no way I could do all THAT” or “Nobody would want to read about my boring life.” There is such a community out there of Bloggers, people just like you and me that have created lifelong bonds through blogs. You don’t have to be a poet or scholar or always have something profound to say, it’s just about sharing, there is no right or wrong way to do it. Push yourself to get out of your shell and start a blog and if you don’t think you can blog then start by commenting on the blogs that you read…I’m telling you, it’s fun and addictive and you will LOVE IT!!!!

And PS….Abbie is the bestest! (( no she isn’t adding this on her own either! )) Thank you for doing this and for interviewing me and for being so great. I have loved every minute of getting to know you and my life wouldn’t be the same without you. You have such a fantastic outlook on life and have such a great perspective on things that I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around. And our Bible Study that you organized has been the best thing to happen in my life in a long time! Thanks Abbie for being so sweet and caring so much about everyone else…YOU ARE THE BESTEST!!!

See, she is too good to me!

Thanks lady for joining us this week!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Geocaching: It's raining squirrels!

Today turned out to be a beautiful Spring day. We spent some of our afternoon out geocaching.

A quick description of what geocaching is: Basically, people all over the world hide small containers in public places for others to find and log their arrival. Some times they contain goodies in them that you are allowed to take as long as you place something else in the box. The boxes are found using a GPS and (for us) clues. Once you get to the Long/Lat location then the search is on. It typically takes some moving around of leaves, branches, or other material to find the cache box. It's a mini modern day treasure hunt if you will.

There are lots and lots of them here in Overland Park (and probably lots in your area-visit here to find out).

I've been wanting to do this for quite some time and keep running into information about it. I finally talked to Chris and my dad about it and decided that I really wanted to go try it out. Chris was a bit reluctant, but I knew once we got out there, his inner Eagle Scout would resurface again. Dad didn't get to go with us this time, but was very excited about joining us.

So this morning, we got Aleeyah geared up telling her we were going to go look for a box. It didn't quite work, but then we told her we were going to the trails and then she was game. Even more, we got some rain this morning and she would surely get to play in the puddles and mud.

So with my iPhone with the geocaching app loaded and an additional trail GPS, we were headed to our first cache. As we approached the cache location we parked the car and started walking down the paved trails.

The clouds in the sky were making it difficult to get a good signal and we couldn't figure out the other trail GPS. So we relied on my trusty phone to get us there....yes, a phone. Once we got to the spot, it was up to us to do some searching.

After about 30 minutes of walking in thickets, over fallen trees and limbs, and even seeing a squirrel fall from a very, very tall tree while hitting branches on the way down and finally ending in a loud thump on his side, we had given up.

Truth of the matter is, all three of us were having a great time, but ummmm...someone needed to find a bathroom with toilet paper and a sink to wash her hands-something the woods just doesn't provide. I know, I know, it does provide ground where people without toilets once roamed, BUT this city girl has not had to squat on it's soil in a very, very, very long time. As I tried to figure out how I would even do it without peeing on myself, I said it was time to go.

Speaking of city girls, can you believe I kept getting in trouble by the Eagle Scout for being more concerned about documenting the trip via snapshots than actually trying to "quickly" find the treasure box??? That is what I do. I enjoy myself, my family, and I take pictures in the process-no matter how much time it might add to our journey!

As we were walking back, I looked off to my right, there she was. Shoved in the cove of a fallen tree.

I might have yelled a little in excitement. I wanted to open it since I found it, but thought squatting down next to a tree wouldn't do much for my full bladder. So Chris and Aleeyah did the honors.

We didn't bring anything to exchange so we didn't take anything, but enjoyed looking and finding it. We logged our visit and returned the box to it's original state.

We took a shorter route to the trails and headed back to the car. Took off our muddy shoes before getting in the car, mapped our next adventure, and after a quick stop, we headed off to cache site #2 of the day.

It was only about a mile or so away from our first stop. We parked the car and headed back down the trails. Not far away from the car, but into the woods, just as we were looking at the details on my phone when it died. Since we still couldn't figure out the trail GPS, we decided to call it a day.

We were about halfway out of the wooded area, when Chris stopped and said, "WHAT IS THAT?"

Hello! Need I remind him that I am a CITY girl? Do not say those words to me while we are standing in bushes and fallen tree limbs. Yes, I can see the trail just ahead, I can hear cars going by from the nearby street, and I might even be able to see a building, BUT that doesn't change the fact that things lurk in these parts!!! I mean seriously, these are the shoes I wore to go walking in the woods and they provide no protection for something wanting to eat my feet!

Then the next words out of his mouth were, "It's a BAT!"

Me: It's a WHAT?
Chris: a bat!
Me: Is it dead?? (praying that very moment that the poor creature was lying dead in the brush)
Chris: NO!

Yes, in that moment the incident of our untimely death was playing in my head. Three amateur geocachers went out in the woods and was bitten by crazed bat foaming at the mouth!

Chris: Come look at it
Me: Is it going to bite us???
Chris: No it's sleeping
Me: Oh, thank goodness....wait, will it be angry if we wake it?
Chris: just come look at it!

Inching slightly forward, I saw it just hanging there on the bush that Chris was just about to walk into a few seconds before. Sleeping. From a distance, I did what I rarely do...

I handed Chris my camera.

He can roll his eyes as much as he wants, but this really could not go undocumented! I remember my first time of ever seeing a wild bat. Aleeyah should have some pictures to go with her first time!

So he snapped a few shots and after I realized that the poor sleeping creature was too beat to actually care about us being there, I got close enough to take a pic of him too.

Of course, Chris being a boy had to well, be a boy. And boys poke things with sticks. As he reached for a stick, I quickly reached for Aleeyah and went back a ways to a safe distance. Chris poked and poked and no movement. We saw him breathing so we knew he was alive.

In the video below you hear me trying to keep her with me to avoid getting bitten when the crazed creature comes out from his sleep to suck our blood! So there is a lot of crazy movement in the video which reminds me a bit of that Blair Witch movie. (don't mind my nasally voice today either-allergies suck-especially when you forget to take your medicine!)

Chris didn't listen to my pleas and he finally woke it up and it just flew to a top of a nearby tree.

Don't worry, Chris got the lecture of disturbing the wildlife....from the 3 year old! (I don't know what the deal is with her walking like that)

And we headed home.

All in all-we had a great time and are excited to go again!

Oh, and PawPaw-we took this one for you!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

We are all long as they are organized!

Instead of getting caught up on reading blogs and responding to emails, I thought I'd actually give you something in between Tuesdays (haha). No really, I do plan on getting our Easter photos up and our other various activities in between. Really. :)

We are getting closer to being able to out the thing that I mentioned a few weeks ago. Remember, the exciting thing? Yep, that one. I can't wait to finish up the few details left and let you guys in on what is going on.

I've also got that other exciting stuff in the works that needs quite a bit of work before really coming out with it.

Oh, how I love surprises....when I'm not the one waiting. Now, if it's just itching to know-I have a feeling it wouldn't take more than a simple email to get it out of me. :) I'm not so good at holding it surprises!


This evening we went to Target to pick up a few groceries that I couldn't get from Aldi. It's not something I particularly enjoy-that is, going to two grocery stores, but seeing as how Aldi has cut my grocery bill in half, it is definitely worth it. Besides, I love Target and any excuse to go there is a good one with me!

Aleeyah has been into playing games lately. She has a few games. Such as, the Mickey Mouse and Go Diego Go game sets, Elefun, the Candyland Castle Game, and The Grouchy Ladybug Game.

What do they all have in common?? LOTS O' PIECES!!!

And what are some of the extras we picked up at Target tonight?

Yep--MORE PIECES!!! Although, I'm totally pumped about playing 2 of those games! Aleeyah played a little bit of the Connect Four this evening before bed. She was happily putting all the black and red checkers into their slots to make a pattern. Black, Red, Black, Red, Black, Black.....

Something completely not understandable came crying out that tired 3 year old little girl as her dad walked by and dropped that last black checker--not in the correct sequence!! Dad made it right, tears were wiped away, and Aleeyah was back to putting her new Connect Four checkers in their rightful spots.

As I was thinking about her little incident, my mind wandered....

Last week, I bought a bunch of containers to organize the current games we had. I also got a couple for all her craft supplies and such. Project game organization was spawned because I found some Diego and friends dominoes hanging out at the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Completely unacceptable!

Some say I have "issues". I guess if you saw how many separate containers she has so that she has no excuse to not be organized-you might begin to wonder. One for all coloring books. One for coloring pencils. One for crayons and another for chalk. One for fake food and one for kitchen utensils. One for dress up items. One for Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head and all their limbs. One for one kind of blocks and another for another kind of blocks. One container for Legos. Another for Barbies and My Little Ponies. Another for doll house accessories. Some for games and crafts. And of course, there are only 2 types of matching containers involved. We won't mention the defeat that came over me when I realized I bought an uneven amount of containers. Containers that needed to be in stacks of 2.

Her toy box even has one in it to separate out the small items from all the large items. Her crammed packed book shelves are organized with cardboard books on the top shelf. The second and third shelf has all the paper books and it is organized by size and each book is with it's series, if it has one. For example, all Dr. Seuss books together and all Disney books together. She has a series of books that has one book for each letter of the Alphabet and each number up to 12--all of which has to be in order.

Some times I wonder if it is a good thing that my 3 year old can actually get the items in the "right" spots. Am I teaching her to be organized or OCD? Chris on the other hand, would totally drive us crazy if he cleaned up her room. I shudder at the very thought! haha!

There are times that I wish there weren't so many pieces in children's games and toys, but of course, that is exactly what Aleeyah loves about them. She loves when things come in quantities. Stacking, lining up, and sorting can only be done when there are many of one item and she doesn't really even care what they are.

When we finish up her chore/behavior chart each week, she gets to pick small prizes (depends on which items she completed all week-brushing teeth, staying dry, taking care of pets, etc.) from a bag. I keep it stocked with fun little goodies from the $.10 bin at Mardels. You would think 3 or 4 different items would be most fun, but typically she will pick several of the same item. That's just how she is.

So I mumble about the many pieces that makes up her toy collections, I laugh about her and her obsession, and I wonder what impact I'm having on her, BUT she enjoys all the pieces and I rather enjoy getting to organize them!!

Any guesses on where I'll be tomorrow?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Whoo's Day is Tuesday!?--Meet Sarah

Is it really already Tuesday again? Wouldn't you have thought there would be a post or two between the Tuesdays? Yeah, me too, but we would be wrong! Maybe I'll come by and fill you in on the last week in the next couple of days....maybe not...we will see! :)

Today, I want you to meet Sarah. Sarah writes over at Finding What I'm Looking For. She is a wife and mum (she lives in Canada and mum is the proper term up there)of an adorable little girl named Pippa! HOW cute is that name??

I "met" Sarah online when she contacted me about joining our online Bible study group. I was amazed from the start about her enthusiasm for being a part of our group and her excitement to dive into the Word. She definitely as a heart for others and for God.

Heeerrrreeee's Sarah!!!

When did you start blogging and why?
I had been doing some yahoo groups and enjoyed those but wanted to try something more. I have a very close friend who has done some amazing things with blogging and what she had to say made me want to try. I think for me, with a little one at home, I love the encouragement and sense of community with blogging moms.

Has your blog evolved into something other than its original intent? When I started, which wasn't very long ago, I really didn't know what I was going to do (and I am not sure that I have entirely decided as of yet). I am someone who doesn't talk much or openly about my faith and I am trying to use my blog to work at doing that so that I can confidently express my love for God and His blessings in my life.

Is there a blog post that you have written that you would like to share with us? Since I am still getting started, I don't really feel that I have written anything "great" yet. It was pretty exciting when I figured out how to insert photos, though :-).

Do you write on more than one blog?
I have one of my own and I have posted a bit on our Bible study blog (thanks so much Abbie for giving me the opportunity to get involved in that!)

How do you think blogging has affected you the most? It just means so much to me to have found a community of Christian women who are at similar stages of life to me and who have similar values. Having my daughter has led me to ask a lot of questions about what it means to be a Christian wife and mother and seeing all of these incredibly talented capable women who are so committed to their faiths and their families has really helped me to form a clearer picture of who I am called to be.

Have you had an opportunity to meet any of your blog readers face-to-face? No, being up in Canada, I haven't stumbled across anyone yet who is nearby but I would love to get to me some of you at some point!

Are there any particular blogger tools that you would recommend to others (ex. Blog readers, traffic sites, widgets)? I am enjoyed using Google Reader to track the blogs I follow (a list that is getting longer and longer!)

What is the blog you look forward to checking the most daily and why? Wow, that's a tough one. I really enjoy reading Abbie's blog and Jess' blog. I am also really enjoying a few blogs that have a lot of information like healthy cooking and recipes and earth friendly parenting products (e.g.,, I guess that is more than one - with my enthusiasm for some of the great blogs I have found, it's hard to limit to just one!

Name 1 blogger that you would like to see interviewed? Abbie! {abbie: woot woot!}

Is there anything else you would like to share? Just how much I am enjoying reading everyone's blogs and I would love to have suggestions for other blogs worth following!

Don't forget to go over and check out her blog. One of her recent posts shows off her buns! No, no people--hot cross buns.
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