Thursday, March 26, 2009

Twas the first week of spring....

Okay, so hopefully my absenteeism does not start becoming a problem! I've got something exciting in the works, but I can't really talk about it yet. I'm hoping to be able to start talking about it soon. Sounds like an empty "I'll tell you later" kind of deal, but I promise it will be soon! Lets just say it has something to do with babies, Africa, and boxes and just in case--no we are not moving to Africa to help with the babies! Whew! I knew you got a little worried there for a second!

Outside of working on the exciting news I can't tell you about, I've been working on some other exciting stuff.

There ya have it!

Okay, okay. So maybe this post won't have a whole lot of details on the secret, exciting stuff going on right now, BUT I do promise to update you on a few things going on in our family. Like one of those, once a year, Christmas updates that you get in the mail!

So, with snow just around the corner (no joke there) we are hanging our Easter baskets by the chimney with care in hopes that the Easter Bunny will soon be here.

Life in the Hamblin household has been steadily busy, mixed with lots of great family downtime lately. We have been home searching. I say home, because we still have no clue if we want to be in a house, apartment, duplex, or townhouse. We still have several months before we have to make a decision, but we are looking at all our options now that we know a little more about the area. We looked at several of each option. It's a bit difficult because we live in such a nice area where the duplexes and townhouses are fairly new 1700+ Sq ft, expensive suckers, but we aren't so willing to move out of our area because it is so nice and Aleeyah will be in a school district with student test scores that consistently rank in the top 10 percent of the nation-an important factor in our moving decisions.

We are loving our apartment life besides for the fact that we are on a second floor and the poor people downstairs can probably here every step we make-every move we make-every single day....sing with me!

.....ohhh...hi blog readers....

As I was saying--apartment life has been good to us. No yard work and a free pool and gym has been great-especially with Chris being in fast track, full time school right now. That has been going well and he will be graduating with his bachelors, I think, in October. Then he will go right into his master's program. It will be nice when all is said and done, but he has to spend so much time studying as well as work a full-time job. It's been a bit hard to juggle all of it. He does, however, have a 3.9 GPA right now and has spent a lot of time leading group projects in each of his classes. I'm definitely proud of him.

Aleeyah has been great as usual! A chatterbox 3 year old that is testing her boundaries in talking back to mom and dad. It usually is coupled with some sweet face and voice, as to try to win us over. Oh, that girl. I've been considering getting her into some type of program soon. Chris wants to put her in dance and well, she has had this hip thing going on lately. I'll have to try to get a video of it soon. I'm hesitant, because I don't feel like one of those dance moms. Pool lessons are definitely in her near future-maybe she can show her momma a few moves. :)

Academically, she continues to do great. We've been talking a lot about different kinds of shapes and she can now tell the difference in Octagons, Hexagons, and Pentagons by counting their sides. She is also continuing to read more and more words and she even remember some words by site. Have I mentioned she has a little bit of OCD in organization? I don't know where she gets it from.... Yes, this is what I walked into the kitchen to see. I probably shouldn't mentioned that I really wanted to shove that basketball to be properly in line with everyone else, but she did manage to get them all in size order.

She has been loving having Oliver around. The two of them are inseparable. Anywhere she is running off to, he is right behind her. He will be 11 weeks old tomorrow. He is all puppy--chewing on everything and of course, potty training. I'm thankful though that he has started understanding that when the lights go out, it is bed time. His ears found their upright stance proudly on his head last week. So now, he looks more Yorkie.

I've been feeling much better on the new/old medicine. One of my medicines is new and the other is old, but I haven't taken it in quite some time. It's a bit stronger of a medicine than what the new doc would have liked to try me out on, but he said since I've been taking it before, he is going to trust that I needed it. Our plan is to get my allergies under control so that my asthma doesn't bother me. Which I'm happy about. Once allergy season is at bay, I will be taken off my meds to do allergy testing in hopes of possibly doing immunotheropy. I still have more researching to do on that one, but am looking into the possibility.

So that is my little update! I hope to be back on some time this week to share some old pics. My friend, Jess, has been blogging about her school days since her 10 year reunion coming up. She challenged her 99 grad friends to join in humiliating ourselves. I thought it sounded like fun and have been meaning to get some pics posted up!

Until then--Have a Merry Spring with lots of fluffy bunnies hopping in the snow!!!

Some pics of Aleeyah and Oliver playing outside...

and Chris studying while we were downstairs playing....


Jill Foley said...

It's too bad you don't have anything going on in your life right now! It must be nice to have nothing to do (ha ha!!)

I love the last pic of Aleeyah and Oliver!! Soooo could send that in to a magazine and win some sort of contest.

graduated in 99?!?!? are so young!

When you say pool lessons do you mean the game or swim?

I hear you on not wanting to be a dance mom! But I'm a little old fashioned in my activity thinking. I'm pretty much anti- activity (the organized type, anyway) for kiddos this young. The only thing I support are investment skills like swimming. And I do believe there is a lot of discipline to be learned in music lessons, but there's no need for them too young (this coming from a Suzuki teacher!) Oh views are not held by most people so I'll just stop talking now.

Juli Jarvis said...

Love the photos and updates on your sweet family! Can't wait to hear "the rest of the story" -- I think I know -- but look forward to hearing details!

Abbie H. said...

JILL-LOL! We are actually a whole lot less busy since we moved here 8ish months ago!! So it really feels like we don't have a whole lot going on! Thanks for the pic compliment! I do like that last picture of the two of them! It completely shows their relationship! 99-yep! I'll also be celebrating my 10 year anniversary this year! Yes, swimming lessons for the girl. I don't know why I typed pool lessons. I hear ya on not getting started on programs when they are too young, but with Aleeyah not having a sibling right now-in some ways I think she needs the interaction with the other kids-outside of church and the occasional play date.

Juli-Thanks! ooohh, what good stuff do you know? haha!

Steve said...

You've used the letters Ohhhh a lot in your entry and response. Then one time, you said "hi" in an awkward way ... YOU'RE MOVING TO OHIO!!! A Ha!!!

Britt said...

I wonder what Oliver would look like next to Nicki & Tristan :P

Abbie H. said...

Steve--nope not moving to Ohio-even though that is where my husbands side of the family is from and some still are there.

Britt--probably like a tasty, dog treat! haha!

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