Thursday, March 12, 2009

A state of unclarity...

I apologize for the emptiness in my blog this week. My internet has been a bit cooky the last 2 days. Tonight, I sat down to write a post about my weekend with my friend and share some random pictures from the last week.

But I can't.

I would say that my mind is empty like my blog, but it isn't. What is in it isn't clear. Almost seems like a cloudy mess of thoughts in a huge thunderstorm. A thunderstorm of life decisions and the never ending 5 year plan question.

What can be done? When can it be done? What can I do?

More importantly...What is HE calling me to do?

Why am I writing all this? Why do I dare push the publish post button? Because many of you are prayer warriors.

We have prayed for babies who are sick. We have prayed for adoptions. We have prayed for family members who just found out they had cancer. We have prayed for new life. We have prayed for friends. We have prayed for each other.

And tonight, I ask that you pray for me.

As to not leave you empty handed,, I give you a great blog that found it's way here. It's writer left me a message and I have to say, I've quite enjoyed it's fanciness, but more importantly--its messages. On that blog, I found this video.


Tracy said...

Dearest Abbie, Don't ever pause before pushing that publish button. I will definitely pray for you today. Any specifics you would rather me lift up - shoot me an email??

I think sometimes the blog world is a little dangerous in that we view into the most personal and deep areas of people's lives and people like you (and my husband) take on that pain personally. It's a blessing and a curse. Sometimes it's really hard to stay emotionally healthy 24/7!! But girl - unload on me anytime!!

Jill Foley said...

This is a great video....I think it will find it's way to my blog sometime soon! Thank you for sharing.

Also...praying for you!!!!!

MizTremblay said...

Praying for you, Abbie.

God was with the disciples during the storm, and He's with you now.

May He give you a ray of clarity in the midst of your unclarity.

(And thanks for sharing the video.)

GinSpaghetti said...

PRAYING FOR YOU! That you may feel His loving embrace and hear His words of comfort.

(I love that video, "...when we forsake the lives of others, we actually forsake our own." Such powerful words!)

Lukewarm said...

Thanks for mention Abbie. No matter how many times I watch this video, something new always jumps out.

Domestic Goddess said...

Oh Abster...I am late responding to this post but I did want to tell you how great our God is. He knows what you need before you can even get the words out. I say that because he really laid you on my heart on Wednesday morning while we were on vacation. I don't know why, there was nothing specific but I just felt the need to pray for you and I haven't stopped since. The unclarity moments seem to be the worst, they are NO fun but please know you have a big group of people who love you and care about you! ((including me who is ALWAYS willing to pray for you!!))

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