Thursday, March 5, 2009

Snow and a few Okies

Well, before I get into posting any pictures of today's lovely weather of 78, I should really finish up my posts from our last weekend....when it poured snow on us! Yes, lots of snow! (Okay, Jill-not your kind of snow!)

We had big plans on Saturday to go to a science museum of sorts and then to a night out at a very, classy restaurant--the kind that doesn't like people like me there! You know, the kind that thinks going to Red Lobster is the classiest place to go for Valentine's Day.

Well, we ended up spending the afternoon playing in the snow. Mark and Benita stayed inside and watched us from the back window. We have small hills in the front of our building that you can see from the balcony or back door. They are perfect for sledding with a 3 year old. I didn't get a whole lot of pics because after Chris and I both fell into the snow together with my camera, I decided to take it back inside while we played. By time all was said and done, I had snow both up my pants and down my pants, Aleeyah's cheeks were so red from the cold, and Chris-well, he dressed more for the occasion than us girls. Here are some pics. The last 2 were taken last time we had snow or what was left of it. I figured I might get in trouble for not being in the pics again!

After playing in the snow, we spent some time hanging out before we had to get ready for dinner reservations. I used this time to wear my new black dress again. Everyone looked so snazzy by time it was time to go. We still managed to not get an pictures though. :( All of us (myself, Chris, Aleeyah, Chris' parents, and my dad) headed up to the Plaza to The Capital Grille.

We passed by the 3 valet people and parked our own car in the parking garage and made our way to the front door where the lady promptly helped us with our coats and checked them into a little closet-something I've only seen in movies! With I'm sure my Okie accent, I asked, "Oh, you take our coats?" She said, "Yes, ma'am" while all the while probably thinking in her head that we just needed to turn around and find the nearest McDonalds. We all sat down where we were greeted by both of our waiters. One for drinks and one for the whole dining experience. Our main waiter was SO nice and accomidating. He just kept asking if we wanted to have such and such brought out and he just kept bringing stuff--later to realize that it just kept racking up our bill! Apparently, they had some really great chocolate milk. Aleeyah already had 2 glasses down before her $20 Mac and Cheese arrived.

Speaking of Aleeyah, she was quite the little lady during on extended stay at the restaurant. She looked beautiful in her creme dress with a black ribbon sash and a black bolero. She spent the last part of our evening at the table with my iPhone-playing games. She got quite the laugh and comment walking out with it too!

We enjoyed a lovely evening of laughs and conversation. Aside from the time that my roll when flying off the table when I tried to cut it (yes, embarrassing, but provided for lots of laughs), our most entertaining moments were every time someone got up from the table to go to the restroom, the drink waiter would be there within seconds to refold your napkin and neatly place it back on the table for your return. It never got old! We came just short of placing bets.

Finally, our dinner ended with some yummy dessert and hot, moist towels. And I'm not talking the towelettes. It was the real deal. One of us (I won't mention who) pretended to wipe their pits quietly as to not disturb the classy folk, but enough to cause giggles amongst our table.

On the way out, I had to do one last thing to show them that I was clearly like a fish out of water and told the hostesses that "some lady took our coats". She not-so-nicely grinned at me and said, "yes we have your coat check and she is getting them."

"Thanks lady!" Okay, completely didn't say that last one, but I sure wanted to!

Sunday, we went to church and then Chris' parents left that afternoon! Overall, I think we all had a great time. I love that they are willing to come see us. They typically come here when we won't be back in Oklahoma for several months. We actually aren't going to be going back until mid May when the little lady below will be birthing the bump that is to be named, Mason. (I hope she doesn't mind me sharing her picture! She is too cute of a prego lady to not share! Well, I don't think she visits often so Shhhhh we just wont tell her!)


Tracy said...

So here I am pouting that SC had a 90% chance of an actual accumulation, and we got zip, zero, zilch. I had even gone out after church to buy the boys real gloves as their mittens were completely soaking wet and cold the last time it only dusted the ground - their first and ONLY snow ever!! (When they made snowballs by scraping all the fluff off the hood of the cars) It just 'aint fair!! Oh well, we have Myrtle Beach and Charleston, so there!!

Steve said...

I haven't seen snow like that all season in OKC! It's good to see Okies still go out to experience fine dining (other than BBQ, Chicken-Fried Steak or Mexican!) and I didn't know we were ever supposed to "cut rolls"!

Jill Foley said...

You call that snow?!?!?! I'm surprised you even bother buying winter play clothes! : )

Just kidding...snow is snow no matter how much you have. We are going through a big thaw right now. But we've been told that March can be the snowiest month here. sigh.

Da MiMi said...

PawPaw and MiMi ahd an absolute blast watching kiddos playing in the snow (especially from the warmth of the apartment :) .

Our meal at the Capital Grille was a fantastic, once in a lifetime experience. It felt like we were playing dress-up princesses and princes. Loved every minute of it!

Ooo, Tracy - we visited Charleston last summer. My sister's older daughter is a junior at the college. We had a blast watching fireworks across the harbor on the Fourth of July, a.k.a. "Abbie Day" (her birthday) Awesome!

Britt said...

It's 68 here! Woo hoo!! I'm so ready for spring!

That "Little Lady" is gorgeous!! I wish I looked that good preggers!

Abbie H. said...

Tracy--sorry, you didn't get any snow after such a fiasco of getting the winter gear! But you are right about Myrtle Beach and Charleston. I heard it's a beautiful place!

Steve--LOL-I love me some Mexican food!! Yes, for some reason, I decided to attempt to cut my roll. Apparently I was in need of the 2 foot steak knife to get the job done!

Jill--I knew that you would have something to say about our efforts to make a snow storm here! Okay, so I was happy for you when you said thaw, but more snow? Seriously? Can one place have that much?

Benita--yeah, I was shocked Mark didn't want to get out there and play with us. It's not every day he get to throw stuff at his granddaughter! BTW-we so could have had you rolling down the hills!! lol

Britt--yeah, it was 78 here yesterday and I even got a bit of a sunburn-wasn't quite expecting that! And yes, she is beautiful inside and out! It is my s-i-l by the way (my husband's, brother's wife) and Mason will be our little nephew!

Domestic Goddess said...

I love the snow pictures, so cute! And I am so mad at you that there are no fancy pictures, even for the 2nd black dress apperance! GRRR! ;) Dinner sounds like a blast, it's so fun to do something like that now and again. I can't imagine eating at a place like that all the time! Although I would like waiters like that at home! ;)

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