Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Dad, the Retiree

Growing up, I remember sometimes waking up to the news playing in the other room and the smell of coffee that filled the walls of our house. I knew the noise of the news and the smell of fresh coffee only meant one thing--Dad hadn't left for work yet. On those mornings, I'd get up real quick to make sure that I didn't miss him before he headed off for the day. I'd hang out in his room if I was too early and hugged him bye before he left.

I've always known my dad great work ethics growing up. He rarely ever called in sick even when he really should have. He was always on time to work and I believed that he did his job well when he was there. He took his job seriously to be able provide for our family. It built a solid foundation for how I should approach my work.

Last Friday, Cody (my brother), Aleeyah, and I went up to General Motors for my dad's and some of his fellow co-workers retirement lunch. During this time, Cody and I got a little bit more of a taste of just how Dad has spent the last 30 years at his job and were able to meet some of the people that he has worked with.

It was neat to see what they do and how it's all done. Aleeyah was mesmerized by all the moving parts and couldn't take her eyes off the cars rolling by as workers did their jobs. Dad was a proud Peepaw showing off his girl ans she soaked in all the compliments.

We met a lot of people and some people that we've heard stories of. Many threatened to tell stories on my dad and I'm sure none of them would surprise me! But more importantly, they all talked about how much they will miss him. He has only spent some 3ish years at this plant and spent the prior 27 years at the OKC plant, but even in those 3 years he had already left his mark and you could tell that by the way they spoke about him. I have always been so proud of him in the way that he approaches his job, but both Cody and I talked about just how proud of him we were on our way back home.

Today, is his last day at his job of 30 years at General Motors. He has spend a good chunk of those 30 years supervising people to keep the lines running smoothly and constantly coming up with new ideas and advice that GM takes and then into place around the plant. It's been a long, hard 30 year journey for him-physically and emotionally. It will be a hard day as he says good-bye, but a good start for a new journey!

Happy Retirement Dad! We are SO proud of you!!!

(picture of my daddy-o on my birthday last year)


Domestic Goddess said...

That is AWESOME!!!! That is such amazing dedication, I am sure he will have a blast being a retiree, my Dad has turned into a child again, it's so funny but he is loving life like I have never seen him do before so it's pretty cool to watch. Congrats on getting to go there for his luncheon, I bet that was an honor!

Juli Jarvis said...

What a great accomplishment! Must be nice to relax for a while --

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