Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Man's Girl's Best Friend

...pretending it hasn't been 4 days since my last blog...We had a wonderful weekend with Chris' parents being here-I'll be updating in different posts to keep them all straight. They got in Friday afternoon and Chris was able to take a half day. Once they everyone got here, we headed to Independence, MO to pick up Oliver.

Rewinding a bit--After lots and lots of waiting on my part (wanting to make the right decision), I asked Chris if we could get a puppy. We haven't had a dog since we had Cookie at our house. Cookie was our Shih tzu.

We got her a year after we were married and she was our baby. She hurt her eye which caused her to go blind in one eye and then we had Aleeyah. Aleeyah was less than a year old when we started having problems with Cookie snapping. Aleeyah didn't quite get that when Cookie was sleeping, she shouldn't pull herself up on the couch and slap her hands against the leather because it scared Cookie. It happened several times and I couldn't really blame either one of them. Cookie was scared and Aleeyah was too young to really understand. Thankfully, my in-laws took Cookie in which made the giving her a new home, much easier on my heart.

That was not too long after we had to re-home our cat, Sully and Great Dane, Zoe.

We got Sully about a couple of years or so after Cookie.

I had never had a cat before and loved the fact that he was more like a dog. We always enjoyed seeing the two of them wrestle around on the floor together. Both Cookie and Sully would antagonize each other to play! I loved how soft and fluffy Sully was, but man did he make me itch. I did pretty well with him until after we were out of our house because of the house fire.

After we moved back in the house, I started having issues being around him and then I developed asthma. We began having to spend over $100 a month so that I could breathe-not breathe well, but just to breathe. We found him a home with a cat lady that lived near by.

Unfortunately, Zoe never made it home after the fire.

We had already been contemplating finding her a new home because we had Aleeyah who was about to start crawling. When anyone got on the floor, Zoe thought it was wrestling time and just when she stepped on your foot, it hurt. I was afraid how it would be with Aleeyah trying to crawl and eventually walk. She was also having a hard time adjusting to Aleeyah being there. Because she wanted to sit in my lap and be the center of attention when I was trying to take care of Aleeyah she spent more time outside than what she was ever use to. She wouldn't eat as well anymore and started getting pretty skinny. I think she was a bit mad at me. Then after the fire, we obviously couldn't have her with us at our temporary apartment. She stayed with a friend of ours and then eventually found a home with a doctor-living in an upscale house and sleeping in his bed. It breaks my heart to not know how she is doing and to see her. To this day, my eyes get watery when I think about her.

So outside of hamsters, fish, and a bird, we have not have any other animals in the house. It's been hard, but I think a good break.

Apparently, Yorkies are on the hypoallergenic list of dogs. So we felt it would be best for my allergies and Aleeyah's allergies if she happens to have issues like her momma. I called around and found Oliver. He was the last one of 3 puppies and the only boy of the group. The picture that the lady sent to me didn't quite to this little boy justice! He is the one on the right.

On our way home, he whined and whined, but stopped when the car was not moving. I think his first ride in the car might have made his tummy a bit sick. He went back and forth between me and Aleeyah-acting like he just couldn't get comfortable. Aleeyah was so excited to hold him, but I don't think was quite getting the fact that he was going home with us.

We finally made it to Petsmart to get all the puppy essentials. He fell asleep in my arms and then slept the whole way home laying next to Aleeyah's leg in her car seat. Once we got home, he slept pretty much the rest of the day.

Then later that evening, he decided he wanted to play. Of course, about the time we were ready to go to bed. We let Aleeyah stay up a bit longer and he was instantly attached to her. They ran around the house and played tug-of-war with one of his new toys. They had a blast together.

The two of them have had a blast together so far! He will be 8 weeks old tomorrow! He has already been carried around in baskets and pushed around in Aleeyah's shopping cart. She has been on cloud nine with him and enjoys taking care of him. She potties him and rewards him with encouragement when he goes on his puppy pad. She gets onto him when he is into something he shouldn't be-more times than not, he has one of her toys in his mouth or one of our shoes. With all that said, we are all enjoying him!

No doubt, there will be more to come about our life with Oliver!


GinSpaghetti said...

Oh where do I begin?! Cookie is so sweet! Do you still get to see him pretty often? Sully does look soft! And Zoe...oh my! What a gorgeous girl! Although now I imagine her dressed as a balelrina! Oliver is SO cute! He's so tiny! I've never had a tiny dog, unless you count my big cat, haha! Oliver's little face is just precious! I imagine Aleeyah did fall right in love with him!

When Nola was little, 6 and 7 weeks I remember being so bored with her because for every 10 minutes of playtime, she'd need a good two hours of sleep. I'd never had a tiny puppy before (as an adult) so I was clueless! She's way more fun now, but wild.

We love Oliver! And Nola sends him lots of puppy kisses!

Becky said...

Oliver is absolutely adorable.

Juli Jarvis said...

He's so cute! Congratulations on your new family member!

Abbie H. said...

Gin--Well, Cookie lives in Oklahoma so we don't see her too often any more, but I always get updates from Benita. Zoe as a ballerina-oh, yes I wish I had a picture of her in her costume!

Your Nola comment of not being a tiny puppy reminds me of when we brought Zoe home. She was only 8 weeks old and HUGE!

Awwww-thanks for the puppy kisses! As soon as Oliver gets done with one of his many mid day naps, we will send some back your way!

Becky and Juli-THANKS!!!

Jill Foley said...

so cute...

you had a house fire?!?!?!

Britt said...

I just wanna snuggle him!!

Oh- and I had to laugh when you said, "puppy essentials" as Oliver is decked out in a puppy!

Domestic Goddess said...

I know we have talked about the house fire but the pictures took my breath away, that is SOOO scary. I am sure it was even worse than the pictures do it justice for. I love the pictures of Cookie, Sully & Zoe. I am sure that is so hard for you, I can relate because I have had 2 cats and 5 dogs that have had to get new homes in my life time for numerous different reasons and no matter how good of a home they go to it's still so heart breaking. I think this is a good step for you and Chris and for Aleeyah, it's a great time for her and will also teach her responsibility. Plus he is so stinkin cute. I love the picture where he is standing 1/2 way in his bed, he looks like a tough guy! SO CUTE!!! CONGRATS on the newest member!!!

Da MiMi said...

Yes, folks. We do indeed have the cutest grandpuppy ever!
And, Cookie says "Woof, woof and bark, bark" to her newest lil relative!

The Pitter Patter Boutique said...

What a cutie! We have a Yorkie as well and he looked exactly the same as Oliver when he was a puppy. He's 3 now and is majorly spoiled, I'll blame that on my husband. Glad to see you guy's lovin' your newest family member.

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