Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Weekend Highlights

Whew! A whole week has passed since my last confessional....err....blog post. Things have been going great around here the last couple of weeks. We started our 2nd bloggers Bible study this week at living in His design. I'm so excited to be doing this study with all the women involved. We doubled our group this time even after loosing a few from the last group. I can't begin to write out all the reasons why I know, but I can see that God has had His hand in so much of the process. It's been amazing to be a part of a group of amazing women that no matter where we live or how old we are, we all still have so much in common. Stories are being shared, lives are being touched, and relationships with God are being strengthened. I never would have imagined that God would be using this study in the way that He has.

So things have been pretty busy trying to get everything up and going in the last couple of weeks. Of course, this last weekend was Valentine's Day and despite this being our first week of starting our new study, I really tried my hardest to stay away from my computer. Being able to receive emails on my phone and respond to the ones I needed to in order to start the Bible study this week, was a blessing. It allowed me to step away from the laptop and just enjoy my time with my family.

We had a great time! Aleeyah and I spent Thursday and Friday making all kinds of heart crafts. Saturday, we spent together as a family. The three of us and my dad went to go see a movie in the afternoon and enjoyed our time together. Unfortunately, Saturday evening called Chris to his computer to do his school work. Sometimes it seems that it's never ending.

I did get a chance to go shopping for a new dress on Saturday for our dinner reservations on Sunday night. I haven't been dress shopping in quite some time. I finally ended up with a nice black dress for the occasion.

On Saturday, sporting my fresh toenail/fingernail polish, heels, and new black dress, we dropped Aleeyah off at my dad's house and went out for dinner. We went to McCormick and Schmick's. WOW! Is all I can say about their food. It was good...a little too good. Too good because now I want to go back and our pocket book just won't allow it to happen more than once every 8 years. It was definitely lovely to get out and just look at my husband across the table without worrying about cutting up some little persons food or asking her over and over to sit down in her chair.

And can you believe I never even took a single picture this weekend?? Yeah, me neither. I've got nothing for ya! But I will be back some time today to post some pictures from the zoo we took a couple of weekends ago.


Domestic Goddess said...

Yeah for a new dress! THAT IS GREAT!!!! It sounds like you guys had a great weekend, the best of both worlds...a fun day with Aleeyah & then a date...doesn't get much better than that. I am so dissapointed to not see any pictures, LOL! You guys will just have to get dressed up again and snap some pictures! I am loving the Bible Study this time around, we are on Day 2 and it is really had an impact already...I can't wait for Day 3 :)

Abbie H. said...

I know, I should have brought the camera. I didn't even think about it though and the one that goes in my purse was left at the house.

Hey, I'm all about doing it again just to get a picture! haha!

Britt said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE M&S! Glad you had fun...and will confess I was looking forward to seeing some pictures. I agree with Domestic...you'll have to get dressed up again and post some pics :)

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