Monday, February 9, 2009

Urgent Need in Ethiopia and Swaziland

Remember this post?

Well, Amy from Ethiopia or Bust just wrote a new post about an urgent need in Ethiopia and Swaziland. It is actually a copy of a post from Tom Davis' blog.

Go to his or her site to read about the urgent need. I know we don't always have the funds to do a lot of something right now, but we can spread the word about a need--a need that is putting children in danger right now.

In the same turn, they are still looking for some orphanage sponsors for one of the orphanages in Ethiopia. There have been enough sponsors to support one orphanage already and we will be receiving the names and information of our sponsored children in the coming month! It's exciting, but there is still more needing to be done.

Please be praying for all the orphans and other children living in poverty.

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