Monday, February 2, 2009

A tour of Aleeyah's room

Remember this post?

Well, today-I give you her room from an adult point-of-view. I have finally been able to finish up some things in there to get it the way I have envisioned. I'm working on an additional quilt to match her room and some pillow cases to cover the purple Hannah Montana pillow!

This is the view when you first walk into her room. The pom-poms above her bed are made using a Martha Stewart kit. They were easy to make and I think they add a lot to the room! Her blanket was made by my friend, Lisa. I made her zebra throw pillow out of some scrap zebra print fabric. Her curtains were a Target find a while back.

This is the wall on the right when you first walk in. Her dresser is one of those dressers that also holds a diaper changing pad. To me-a GREAT idea. Now we can use the dresser just as a dresser without having another piece of furniture that we need to get rid of because we are no longer using it. On it is her fish tank. We finally got 2 new fish and decided to get goldfish this time. She named them, of course, and their names are Shasta and Orangel. I would have turned off the TV for the picture, but she was watching it at the time. She didn't like it too much when I turned off her computer so I didn't push it with the TV. No, she wasn't using both of them, but in kid fashion-mom was cleaning and she wanted to play with whatever I was cleaning! haha! it does scare me that I have no idea what was on. Those characters look nothing like what we do watch on TV. To the left of her dresser is her table and new stool. (Yes, she has her own laptop, but it was free and she has several educational games she likes to play on it.) Above her table, is some shelves holding her crayons and map pencils. I made the memo board at our MOPS group. I had never made one before, but was pretty easy!

Shasta and Orangel

This corner of the room holds her craft easel and bookshelf. The door is to the closet. Her craft easel was given to us. The blue chalkboard that it once had was worn down and was difficult to write on. I had some black chalkboard paint and after a couple of coats of paint-it's like brand new! Also, I painted the once blue tray at the bottom to a hot pink to match her room. Her bookshelf hold her barbies and barbie gear, ponies, doll house stuff, legos, blocks, and Littlest Petshop toys! I LOVE those bins. You can hold so much in them and yet you don't have the messy look! The Diva/Princess clock....well, has a story all it's own! Short version-When Aleeyah was just a couple of days old, I sent Chris to the store to buy a clock for Aleeyah's room. I needed it while I was breastfeeding her in there. He came home with a clock that says Diva or Princess depending on what angle you are at! GREAT clock for a nursery! haha!!!

Now, here is where we hide everything! haha! I'm thankful she has a big closet so that most of her things can be hidden when they aren't being played with--even her toy box and bookcase FULL of books! Also, on the rare occasion that the door is closed, it is ventilated enough that we are able to keep Mocoal and Ork in there.

So there ya have it! That is the girl's room! It's definitely to a point of being almost finished....until we move! haha!


Jill Foley said...

Love her room!!! In the next month or so, I am getting ready to paint and decorate my girls' room. I just need to find inexpensive curtains!

Ben, Kelly and Sophie said...

You are so absolutely gifted. Her room looks fantastic and I LOVE the way the stool turned out! You make it sound so easy, but I could never do what you did!!

Abbie H. said...

Thank you ladies!

Jill-what color are you painting their walls?

Kelly-trust me, you could do it! I grew up with little to no crafting abilities. Now, I just know my limitations and avoid those things! haha!

Domestic Goddess said...

Her room looks great. I love the girly look, every little girl should have that! ;) No wonder Aleeyah & Ab get along so well!

Lisa S said...

Her room looks great. Everything you touch looks great. Love the stool with the dot fabric! If you haven't bought fabric for her new quilt yet, WAIT! You don't have to, but I thought we could work on it together if you want. Anyway-still waiting on my picture of her with her quilt.

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