Friday, February 27, 2009

Puppy Love

This weekend will be a weekend of not many posts, comments, or emails coming from me to you. Mark and Benita (my husbands parents) came into town again to see us. We will be busy spending time together and I won't be spending much time on the computer. I decided to take a little time to throw up a post before I went and enjoyed some time doing my Bible study lesson.

Today, Chris worked a half day and got home just a little after his parents got into town. Plans were already made this morning to take a short trip to get a little something once everyone arrived. We went and did that and then had some errands to run this evening and were able to spend some time just relaxing before the day came to and end.

What's the little something we went a picked up? You really thought I'd just skip over that little detail?

This is our new little something....

We added a new member to the family and his name is Oliver. I haven't got out my other camera and set him up for his first photo shoot, but he slept pretty much all evening. I think I'll give him a couple of days before the real flash begins!

Oliver is a Yorkie and is 7 weeks old. He will be about 5-6lbs when he is full grown. He is the sweetest little thing and is very snugly. I think the trip home and to Petsmart completely wore him out and he pretty much slept in any position you put him in. Zonked out.

He woke up to play this evening with Aleeyah and is already rather attached. Every time she would jump up on the couch, he would whine until she came back down on the floor. He chased her around the house and they even got some tug-of-war play in.

I have some more pics of him today and I'll be back some time at the beginning of the week next week with pictures and an update on our first few days with Ollie!

Have a great weekend!!!!


Domestic Goddess said...

Oliver is ADORABLE!!! I love the name too, so cute. His sweater is adorable. I am so happy for you that you got a dog. We went from texts of puppy dreams to having a puppy in no time at all...WOO HOOO! I can't wait for his photo shoot, he needs to learn to love the flash and work on some good poses! ;) Congrats on the new addition!!!

Britt said...

AH!!!!!! I soooo wanted a little dog but DH says we're a German Shepherd family...and he is so right...but

Too cute Abbie!! Marcol (sp?) might get jealous!!!

Biliana Savova said...

Oliver is so sweet:)
I have a dog too - Terry - he is 6 years old now, and I love him very much!

best regards

GinSpaghetti said...

You know I TOTALLY love this, right?! Can't wait to see his cute little puppy face! Oooh puppy breath... and puppy barks! I wish Gator (err, I mean Nola) was a puppy again!

Jill Foley said...

Oh my....he's so little. Newton was that little when we got him. So precious!!

Sydney and I just had a conversation the other day about Newton not being around forever...she said, "When we are done with Newton, let's get a cat!"

Tracy said...

Awwww, a yorkie!! I love those, even though I'm not really a huge dog person. SOOOOO cute. you reminded me I have another totally random post to put up - keep your eye out for it. I think you'll appreciate it. ;0)

Lisa S said...

He is so very cute! How did you pick the name "Oliver"?

Becky said...

He is absolutely precious!

Da MiMi said...

Oh yes, thank you. Thanks to all of you - I do indeed have the cutest grandpuppy ever! And I LOVE the way he's already become bestest buds with Aleeyah.

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