Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mission Statements

Chris and I have been working on our family mission statement this last week. It will still be another couple of weeks before we have nailed it stone, but the brains are working and the processes and steps are being done.

What is a mission statement? Most organizations have some sort of mission statement that provides an explanation of their purpose. This helps guide their decisions in everything that they do.

Why do we feel our family needs a mission statement? For us, in the busyness of our lives, we some times forget what our purpose is. Our purpose as individuals, our purpose as family members, our purpose as parents, and our purpose as God's children. Our mission statement will be something that we can see as our backbone of why we do what we do. Doesn't it just make sense to have one as a family-the most important organization that you will ever be a part of in your brief time here?

How do you form a mission statement for your family?

1. We began with writing down our fears and concerns.
2. We then put those things in categories--things we cannot change and those that we can either change directly or indirectly.
3. Setting that aside, we began making a list of our roles as individuals. For example, I am a wife, a mother, a child of Gods, the accountant for my family, the house cleaner...you get the idea.
4. The next thing to do is to list out our goals in that role. For example, for me being an accountant for the family I would like to provide monthly budgets and reports to help organize our finances and become better stewards of His money in our lives.

Using these resources, we can begin to write our family mission statement that will, hopefully and prayerfully, shape our decisions for our family in the years to come.

All of this brought me to another thought that I'd like to share.

I've read or talked to other bloggers who struggle with their purpose in blogging. I too have been guilty of wondering why I do it. Like anything in our lives, there are days we question what the purpose of it. We wonder who is listening. We wonder who cares. Some will even ask the question-would anyone notice if one day I just vanished from the blogging world.

For those who don't blog-it may all sound a little silly. You may even say, it's just the internet. It's just some words. Who cares how many people comment. But yet, I know it is a struggle that many of us have faced from time to time.

For us, blogging is a form of communication and friendship. It's a place that you get to meet people that will some day become great friends although you will most likely never meet them face-to-face. It's a place that you say what you need to say. It's a place that when things go wrong and you need prayers, there are many standing around to be there. They may even graciously give you some link love to spread the need. Your blogger friends will be there to check up on you when you have been "quiet" lately. For those who get to meet their blogger friends face-to-face, it will be a bit weird to see their faces moving and their mouths talking with a voice that you hadn't expected, but yet, is so exciting to hug their necks the moment you finally meet them.

Our family mission statement has made me really stop to think about these very things. It makes me think of the friendships I have made and the opportunities that God has opened.

I began blogging as a way to inform family about what we are doing and share pictures with them as our family grows. I also thought it would be neat for our daughter to read one day about our adventures. More adventures than one could fit in a scrapbook.

Our family blog later became my blog and began to be a place that I could share our every day lives along with some deep thoughts through writing. It also became a place that I could share about the needs of children and their families living in poverty and ask for your help in making a change. Now, God has opened another door to share with others. Myself and a several others began our first bloggers Bible study at the end of last year. Friendships were gained, minds were filled, and hearts were changed. And yet again, another bond of sisters in Christ from all over are coming together to share our stories, read our Bibles, and grow in Him. We lost a few of our group members this time, but have doubled in size since our first group. It's amazing to see God working in our group.

I couldn't imagine not blogging any more-mainly because of the opportunity. Not the opportunity of getting a self esteem boost through comments or the opportunity to make a bunch of money through advertisements, but the opportunity to grow and help others grow in the process.

So, somewhere in there would be my mission statement for my blog. Although, I haven't narrowed it down to a few sentences, it has been good for me to ponder on it. Who knows, I may even make it part of my blog in the near future!

So what would your mission statement say?


Da MiMi said...

Hmmmm....Mission Statement....certainly I've seen many a church's website with a mission statement attached...but have never given any thought to our family's mission statement...that's gonna take some deep thinking...in the meantime you've gotta know that i check your blog at least twice a day..wouldn't miss it

Domestic Goddess said...

I LOVE this post, your words are so true. The family mission statement is a great idea. You know I overthink that kind of stuff way too much, I can't even begin to come up with a Mission Statement.

I really like what you said about blogging. I started the same way and I am so amazed at just how many great friendships I have made during my goal to update my family. LOL! It has become a great hobby.

Juli Jarvis said...

Really good thoughts! I'll have to think about this -- haven't thought of a "mission statement" before! But it's a good idea! I think it would be neat to have a mission statement rather than the "about me" type of bio we all have to write up. Tell people upfront why you're hoping they'll read your blog. I always want to encourage and inspire others to believe in God's unconditional love and free grace.

Jill Foley said...

Stop making me think so much! All day long I've been thinking about mission statements!

The Leeth family said...

This is going to give Jon and me some great conversations on our way to texas this weekend... unless Paxton screams louder than we can talk... I'll let you know what I come up with.

Britt said...

You know...I love talking with my hubby...or rather talking "at" my hubby...lol. This would be a great conversation piece...really get us both talking :) Thanks Abbie...you're just full of wonderful ideas! Love you!!!!

Lukewarm said...

It certainly is a very interesting idea that never crossed my mind. Our mission statement has always been broad. Something like "What would Jesus do?" but to focus and narrow it down would bring a lot of perspective and focus our attention on what God would like us to do with the gifts he presented us.

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