Friday, February 20, 2009

I'll show you mine if you show me yours!

or I'll just do the showing and hope that you do too!

Leave it to Jess to have a super fab post about the contents of her purse. Me-not so much. Basically, go over to her page and read all the fun stuff! haha!

Today, I give you a chance to do what guys know best not to do-look in a woman's purse. I can't say that I have completely moved over to being a full fledged purse carrier. I finally nixed the kid bag since we no longer need to carry sippy cups and diapers. I've had a bit of a purse identity crisis-almost like when I was younger and first started carrying a purse. You don't know what kind to carry and then once you get one-what do you put in it?

Here is what's in mine so far!

Bag: Target special-did I mention I was having a purse identity crisis?

Wallet: a Kohls special (does it bother you that it doesn't match?) filled with a bunch of nothing outside of library cards, unused gift cards with just a few dollars on them (just enough to keep me from throwing away, but too little to actually use them without feeling weird), insurance cards, my driver's license, my check card, and absolutely no cash what-so-ever!


Baby wipes--yes, I can't manage to stop carrying those. They are just too stinkin' handy!

Izumi Sushi and Steakhouse take out menu--yum! yum!

Planet Sub punch card--which actually should be IN my wallet

Inhaler--well, clearly only half of my inhaler. Thanks Aleeyah! That should really do me some good when I need it! Maybe if I jabbed the end of it in my throat!

Purple Sharpie--me love me some Sharpies!!!

Black pen--much better than blue

Road ID
--my identification bracelet I wear running or biking. It has emergency contact phone numbers, Blood Type, Asthma, and Organ Donor(take the best, burn the rest!)-in the event that something happened to me. It's not typically in there, but I forgot to take it off the other day after going biking. I was out and about when I realized it-then took it off.

A pony tail holder--for all those moments I want my hair out of my face

My keys to my car, the house, mailbox, and my dad's house

Sunglasses--another one of those times where when you go shopping you don't know what to buy that is age appropriate.

Lip Gloss--that is beyond usable because the 3 year old likes to use it. The bristles are frayed and no telling what is actually shoved back into the tube.

Hand sanitizer--no, I'm not one of those people that use it ALL the time, but I do have some for those rare occasions.

Ring box--the box Chris gave me with my grandma's re-sized ring in it. The box just got thrown into my purse. It's not staying!

Checkbook--this is the rare occasion that I actually have a checkbook in my purse. Typically its at the house because I never use it except on Sundays.

Black Holderie thing? That would be a simple little bi-fold thing with a snap that holds my receipts.

Camera case--The case that I made for my little camera so that I would feel more comfortable carrying it in my purse all the time.

Last but definitely not least--

iPhone--no need for an explanation, just a girl and her phone.

So, that's it! Not so interesting, huh? Now, my m-i-l's purse-that's another story!!!

Okay now what is in yours?


Jill Foley said...

I might have to do this post, too! Thanks for sharing...

my word to type in for verification is that a suggestion or command?!?! I want to type in "no thanks"

Da MiMi said...

Oooo! Purse magic. Mark refuses to go in my purse. I can only assume his mom once upon a time beat him black and blue for going in her purse. Whatever.

Hmmm, stuff in MiMi's purse:

black purse from Target
nail file
black pen
mechanical pencil
cell phone
three sets keys
burt's bees hand stuff
business cards
compassion cards

Okay now. That really doesn't sound so scary now. Maybe men look in awe at our purses and expect them to be something like Mary Poppin's carpet bag - where all sorts of magical, mystical object appear.

Hmmm, I may be on to something...

Domestic Goddess said...

I so pictured you as a Sharpie girl, those things are the best!!!

I have never heard of the Road ID thingy, that is a fantastic idea. See, your purse is taught me something! ;)

GinSpaghetti said...

I love this! I'll have to join in the fun this weekend! Just wait til you see my bag... I feel like I should also post a picture of a real purse just to feel normal, but I'll resist and post my bag as is! It's not going to be pretty...

(umm, you may want to find the other half of that inhaler though...) :D

Steve said...

Don't worry about the purse thing. If your husband is like me, it doesn't really matter what it looks like, as long as it's inexpensive! The "image" is more for other women (like a lot of fashion) - the guys don't really care too much! I never have understood that about women.

The Leeth family said...

I still carry the diaper bag, but I seem to change bags quite often. But last night, I had the firstt occasion in more than 8 months to carry a purse.
A $6.99 clearance item from the gap!! Inside is my wallet, my sunglasses, my phone, my lip gloss, and receipts from all our fun last night! Now my diaper bag is another story!!

Lisa S said...

I may have to copy this for my High Maintenance Blog. I don't know how to add pics though. I need help.

Brittany said...

As I said on Jill's site...I am SO doing this tomorrow!!! It's 9pm here...past my bedtime :)

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