Monday, January 5, 2009

Playtime with a princess!

While we were in Oklahoma, we made it over to see my cousin and her girls. Arianna is the oldest of the two girls and she LOVES her princesses! She was excited to share her princess costumes, but Aleeyah didn't want to be a princess that night. We don't have a whole lot of dress up clothes at our house because Aleeyah doesn't really get into dressing up--something I looked forward to about having a girl. She loves to put on different clothes and her princess shoes, but not necessarily costumes. She did finally put on some wings though. The girls had a lovely time playing together and I enjoyed catching up with my cousin while occasionally getting to squish the littlest one!

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Jill Foley said...

My girls don't really like dressing up either...Kay likes to "accessorize" with a hat, purse and shoes...but doesn't like her dresses or tutu very much. And Syd...well, she's just not a girly girl!

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