Monday, January 19, 2009

Online Bible Study

Is there something in your life holding you in the bondage of sin? Is it keeping you from truly connecting with God?
Join us, a group of online Christian women, as we Break Free from the things that keep us from soaring under His wings.

We will begin our journey together February 15, 2009. Our study group will be conducted through a blogspot blog. All
group members will have the ability to post their thoughts and feelings. (If you have never blogged-please still consider
joining us. I can help you get started and the process is not complicated for the average computer user.) Also, our study
blog is a private blog-no one outside of the group members will have access to it and will not be able to read our discussions.

We will be going through Beth Moore's Breaking Free workbook. I just have to say, it's a wonderful study! Yes, I've done
this one before, but am looking forward to doing it again! We will be working through our workbooks on our own 5 days a
week and should be finished in 11 weeks. All group members are welcome to share with the group through the blog as
often as they would like. There are no requirements or strict schedules to work by.

Does this sound like something for you? If so, email me with your name, address, and phone number (if you are
willing to share-we would like to set up study buddies) and let me know that you would like to join us! I will be contacting
you again in the weeks to come with more information. Also, you will need to purchase the workbook before we begin!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me! ahamblin(at)kc(dot)rr(dot)com


The Leeth family said...

If anyone needs to order their book online, check out! 5% of you entire purchase can go to your choice of charity (INCLUDING COMPASSION)!! And if you use this coupon code "leeth" you get 5% off you purchace!

I can't wait to start this!!

Domestic Goddess said...

I went to Lifeway to try and get my workbook but they were sold out! They ordered me one and said it shouldn't take long at all to get it in so no biggie. I can't wait. I am excited at another shot at giving it all I've got and making it a priority. I failed a little in that department the last study but this will be my chance to do better. I know God will do great things through this study and all of us girls.

PS...I have at least 1 but maybe as many as 4 new girls that are interseted. I am sending them your info so they can contact you.

Jill Foley said... the new look. And I love the look you've given the new Bible study! Is there anyway I can have the code to the button for my blog?

I am dubbing you "comment queen"! : )

Ben, Kelly and Sophie said...

I forgot to reply to your email but I'm not gonna be in on this one (d/t a new baby coming right around that time). However, I've done it before and it really is fantastic. I would love to do it again. Prayers for a Spirit-filled study for all of you!

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