Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Chris, Aleeyah, and I stayed up past midnight and waited for the ball to drop on TV. We had some sparkling pink lemonade. Aleeyah liked it; however, Chris and I didn't finish our glasses--not so yummy! haha. Aleeyah woke us up the next morning asking for more "bubbly"! I would like to say that it was Chris' fault, but I'd be lying!

New Years Day we went to Zona Rosa, an outdoor shopping mall. It has an old town feel to it with big corporate stores. We picked up a couple of great finds for Aleeyah. More importantly, a few things to take her winter pictures in. I will just have to wait for a semi-nice day to go out and take them!

I have some stuff to share about our 2009 goals, but it will have to wait until later. The dryer has been calling my name for far too long to keep putting it off!


Brian and Shannon Plumb said...

Hey Abbie! Hope you guys are doing well! We miss you here! Hope you have a wonderful new year!

Domestic Goddess said...

I LOVE Zona Rosa, we went a few times after they first opened but haven't been back since. I always forget about it. They have a great set up, it's a great place, I am sure it was beautiful with Christmas decorations.

Britt said...

Gorgeous pictures! We haven't stayed up in YEARS! Good for you!

The Leeth family said...

Where are you!? I have missed keeping up with you!! I hope everyone is okay!!

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