Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas in Kansas

Good grief! I feel like I just keep apologizing for not being around. Chris and I have been laughing at the fact that it feels as though we have missed church in over a month because of his work schedule. Now we haven't missed at all, but it seems that way because it feels like a weekend when he is home from work. It's amazing how holidays can mess with your schedule and cause your internal clock to go haywire!

Well, I left you hanging last time with our Christmas updates and hopefully, I can get them all finished before Valentines Day! haha! KIDDING!

Aleeyah woke up Christmas morning about 9:00am. We haven't hit the early mornings yet and I do believe that some house rules will have to go into place over the next few years about what time she is allowed to get up!

She first noticed that Santa ate the cookies, left her gumballs, and wrote her a note. I figured the note would have been the least of her concern, but she proudly carried it around all morning. It looks like it's something we may be doing in the years to come. I will have to see if Santa can make his handwriting look a little less like mine. I am afraid she might put the two together somewhere in there.

As tradition, we opened stockings first. Her daddy was in charge of letting Santa know what kind of candy she liked the most. Apparently, Santa couldn't decide on a couple of small bags of candy and overloaded the girl with sugar. Eleven days and 5 pounds later, Momma is really wanting to curse Santa. So, instead I am sitting here drinking Glaceau's Smart Water in hopes of drowning out those 5 pounds plus another 75! And what's up with "smart water" anyway? Chris bought it for me.....I wonder what he is trying to do....hhmmm........OH, Christmas--so anyway...

She was very excited about her stocking and almost forgot that we had presents to open.

We finally made our way over to the tree to open presents....

One of her first presents to open was an extra controller for her V-Motion. It's a video game console with learning games that require movement to be played. We got her the V-Motion for Christmas also. It's a good thing you get about 4 years of practice before they really start getting it and putting things together. See an experienced parent would know that sometimes you must open presents in a particular order to keep from ruining the surprise.

Can you see the excitement in her face about a book? I LOVE that!

We bought her a new radio for her room. To say the least, we were having issues with hers! She enjoys listening to her Bible songs at night and was upset when she couldn't listen to them anymore. Now she is good to go and a happy girl at night again!

We also got her one of those peg boards that you put the rubbery beads on and then melt them with an iron to make designs. I had them when I was a kid and loved them. They are so simple and now I question why I liked it so much, but obviously they are doing something right. While I cooked dinner, Aleeyah sat at the table for 45 minutes straight playing with it. She loves playing with things that are little and plentiful. So she had a blast meticulously places each bead. I had to laugh and say, "that's Aleeyah for you" when on her own she decided to start making letters with the beads!

Another one of her favorite presents was her Word Whammer by Leap Frog. I can't say it enough-this girl LOVES her letters! You put 3 letters in the word whammer to create a word and the word whammer tells you what word it is.

Later that evening, my dad, his girlfriend-Sherry, my brother, and a friend of his came over for dinner. Outside of the rolls that were only suppose to take 15 minutes to cook, but had to rise for 2 1/2 hours, dinner went well. Sherry even managed to save the rolls and boy where they worth it!

Aleeyah got a Light Bright from my dad and Cody (my brother) and a cute no-sew fleece blanket from Sherry (or Cherry as Aleeyah says). The Light Bright was even a hit among the adults!

All in all-a GREAT time!!!

Stay tuned for Christmas-Oklahoma style!

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Jill Foley said...

I love your idea of getting pjs on Christmas Eve...I'm going to try to remember that one for next year!

These pictures are great!!

Why aren't you ever in any of them? You need to had that camera over to someone else! : )

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