Thursday, January 29, 2009

The carpet looked a bit wrinkly

Today was an interesting day. I had lots of housework to do-such as, laundry, dishes, helping Aleeyah pick up her toys. I have several cabinets I'd like to go through and organize better. You know-average stuff.

I typically find the most minuscule things to do instead of doing what I actually need to do. I do that way too much. You might find me scrubbing baseboards or washing the front of the stove instead of scrubbing the pans from last nights dinner.

And today, I found myself ignoring the laundry, dishes, toys, vacuum, dusting to IRON the carpet. Oh, yes-you read that right.

It's not as crazy as it may sound.....okay, it is a bit crazy.

It started today when I accidentally (because who would actually do this on purpose)dropped an entire glass of RED Crystal Light on the floor. It was sitting on the table from dinner last night and I was talking on the phone when the glass slipped out of my fingers, hit the chair on the way down, and finally landed making 2 huge spills and splattered everything in a 1.5ft radius.

In the moment, I found myself trying to place blame on someone other than myself. I couldn't blame it on Aleeyah. We don't have a cat anymore to knock things off counters. Oh, yes. This was Chris' glass from dinner. Now had he just drank the drink I poured for him-this would have never happened.....yeah, it sounded as bad typing it as it did when I tried telling myself that. It was no one's fault but my own.

This stuff stains my counter tops and requires the use of a Magic Eraser to remove-which I don't know what those things have in it, but it sure does work!

So I quickly got off the phone and immediately thought to grab my camera. I mean, a mess like this is blog worthy.

Then it hit--red liquid on beige carpet-no time for camera-grab the towel-quick!

I dabbed and dabbed the carpet trying to soak up all the tiny spatters every where. For a moment, it felt as if I had just shot some one and was quickly trying to soak up the evidence, but CSI would have laughed at my efforts!

No solutions were taking it out. I phoned a friend....well, sent a text to a friend. Same thing right? She sent me some Martha Stewart docs when she got home from running errands! Thanks Jess...again-you are coming in pretty handy! haha!

While I waited for my Martha Stewart advice, I began searching online. People had opinions galore, but using nothing I had in my home. I ran across another site that said to put a wet towel over the stain and use a hot iron on top of the towel. She said it would pull the stain out.

I thought it was a sick joke. Everybody knows that heat sets a stain.

So, I called my right hand man-my dad. In fact, he just cleaned my carpets just a few weeks ago. He is a regular phone-a-friend type of guy. He seems to always know or think of something to do and even if he can't help me, I am always guaranteed to feel a little less frazzled by time I get done talking to him.

He calmed me down after being upset about the fact that I ruined some else's carpet (we rent an apt) and that my daughter thinks I'm on the floor to wrestle and keeps hanging all over my neck or sitting in my lap. Then to top it off-the complex is doing some construction to keep our buildings looking nice so they are on the roof banging loudly.

So much for that "Quit your whining" post the other day.

So he says, "Here's what you do--get a towel and turn on your iron....."

You can imagine where that went. So I got off the phone and proceeded (with crossed fingers) to iron my floor for the next couple of hours. I used a spray bottle to saturate the area and it worked! It just took a long time because it was such a BIG area! BUT it worked!!!

Hours later, there isn't any more blood Crystal Light stain on the carpet and now I am educated on getting a red stain out of carpet!

Who else can say they have ever ironed their carpet??

Too bad Chris' shirts/dress pants get dropped off at the dry cleaners to get cleaned and ironed!


Jill Foley said...

I've ironed my carpet...only in the not so good way. I was ironing a shirt in college, the phone range, I set the iron down without thinking and then was left with a nice iron shaped melt spot! : )

But the beginning of your post made me laugh so hard because I was doing things like this yesterday, too! We are having company tonight and I was freaking out because these are all "older" couples whose children have fled the nest. Very well-established, high paid, people...coming to my house. So I need to CLEAN! And where did I start? In my shower with a toothbrush, scrubbing the faucet. And then I started laughing at myself...they aren't coming for showers!?!?! They are coming for dinner!

Well, if they need me to do any laundry while they shower, my laundry room is clean too.

MizTremblay said...

What an unexpected way to remove a stain! Glad it worked, though. Is it supposed to work with any stain, or just red liquid?

Domestic Goddess said...

I am with you in the ironed carpet club. It also works well to get wax out of the carpet. You put a towel over the wax spot, iron it for a few seconds and then put 2 or 3 ice cubes on the spot to make it harden really fast and then you can just pick it out. I am quite the wax expert thanks to my Hubby's huge breaths to blow out the pillar candles in our house. I keep having to remind him that they are NOT Birthday candles!!!

I'm so glad that you got the stain up, it's such a scary feeling to see something so bright but such a relief when you succeed in getting it off the carpet! CONGRATS!!!

Abbie H. said...

Jill-you had me laughing way to early in the morning! haha! I always have to clean the shower in case company gets nosey and checks out the shower to see just how clean I am!

Judy-I'm sure it work on other stains. I don't know. I guess it depends on the type of stain.

Jess-that is SO my husband. I don't know how many times I've had to clean up wax off of the counters from him thinking he has blow it out as hard as he can! I will definitely have to keep your wax clean up tips for those times!!

Da MiMi said...

Well, I about scratched my head in amazement at that one. Guess that's a "high-five" for the PePa.

Wondered what happened after you hung up!

Susan said...

I don't know how it would work on red stains, but the Woolite p.o.d. got lime green jello out of our beige carpet the other day! A friend told me that she had also used it to take blue ink out of carpet. Using your iron & a towel saves a little money, though!

Juli Jarvis said...

Oh, rats -- I SO wanted to see a photo of before and after! :)

The Pitter Patter Boutique said...

This reminds me of 2 incidents in my life. Both of which I could've definitely used this tip.

The first was about 2 years ago when my son had a tummy ache from eating too many strawberries. On his way to the bathroom to puke(we were renting an apt at this time too), he exploded! I had a HUGE pile of,, red puke in the middle of the hallway. It was disgusting! I tried everything to get that stain out but nothing completely worked. Even up until the day we moved out, we could still see the huge circle of discolored carpet from when "D" lost his strawberries.

The second incident was 3 days ago. *Sigh* We have a German Shepherd and a Yorkie. Well, I guess while they were "playing", Kouma (the Shepherd) hurt his foot near his nail. I obviously noticed it too late because after taking him out to potty and seeing the blood on his white paw, I checked out the house and there was blood EVERYWHERE! Not puddles of blood but about 100 small little drops all through the house (beige carpet too). There was blood on my couches too, from where he would put his paw up to get Max (Yorkie). Blood on "Bean's" little sofa, blood down the hallway, blood on the baby gate, it was insane.

After confirming that the dog was fine, I text'd the Hubs and asked him, "How do I get blood out of carpet?" LOL! He immediately called me. He was zero help so I spent the next 45 minutes spraying down every spot with a pet stain carpet cleaner (blood was not mentioned on the back of the bottle) and praying for a miracle. Lucky for me, it worked.

So anyway, sorry for the extrememly long comment. Probably my longest in blogging history, :-) but thanks you for sharing. Glad you got the stain out.

Abbie H. said...

Benita-yeah, I thought about calling you back, but I wasn't in the best of moods!

Susan-but the p.o.d. might have taken less time. Sounds like I might have to get some and see what happens next time!

Juli-I know, I should have just taken the pic real quick

Pitter Patter-Those are 2 not so nice stains at that. Strawberries are bad, but blood always seems to be the worst. Glad to hear you got them out though. I had a puking incident at my house with red liquid and I never got that stuff out!

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