Friday, January 30, 2009

As a child born in the 80's...

I loved this. It gave me some good laughs and memories!

80's Randomness

80's Music

80's Commercials

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The carpet looked a bit wrinkly

Today was an interesting day. I had lots of housework to do-such as, laundry, dishes, helping Aleeyah pick up her toys. I have several cabinets I'd like to go through and organize better. You know-average stuff.

I typically find the most minuscule things to do instead of doing what I actually need to do. I do that way too much. You might find me scrubbing baseboards or washing the front of the stove instead of scrubbing the pans from last nights dinner.

And today, I found myself ignoring the laundry, dishes, toys, vacuum, dusting to IRON the carpet. Oh, yes-you read that right.

It's not as crazy as it may sound.....okay, it is a bit crazy.

It started today when I accidentally (because who would actually do this on purpose)dropped an entire glass of RED Crystal Light on the floor. It was sitting on the table from dinner last night and I was talking on the phone when the glass slipped out of my fingers, hit the chair on the way down, and finally landed making 2 huge spills and splattered everything in a 1.5ft radius.

In the moment, I found myself trying to place blame on someone other than myself. I couldn't blame it on Aleeyah. We don't have a cat anymore to knock things off counters. Oh, yes. This was Chris' glass from dinner. Now had he just drank the drink I poured for him-this would have never happened.....yeah, it sounded as bad typing it as it did when I tried telling myself that. It was no one's fault but my own.

This stuff stains my counter tops and requires the use of a Magic Eraser to remove-which I don't know what those things have in it, but it sure does work!

So I quickly got off the phone and immediately thought to grab my camera. I mean, a mess like this is blog worthy.

Then it hit--red liquid on beige carpet-no time for camera-grab the towel-quick!

I dabbed and dabbed the carpet trying to soak up all the tiny spatters every where. For a moment, it felt as if I had just shot some one and was quickly trying to soak up the evidence, but CSI would have laughed at my efforts!

No solutions were taking it out. I phoned a friend....well, sent a text to a friend. Same thing right? She sent me some Martha Stewart docs when she got home from running errands! Thanks Jess...again-you are coming in pretty handy! haha!

While I waited for my Martha Stewart advice, I began searching online. People had opinions galore, but using nothing I had in my home. I ran across another site that said to put a wet towel over the stain and use a hot iron on top of the towel. She said it would pull the stain out.

I thought it was a sick joke. Everybody knows that heat sets a stain.

So, I called my right hand man-my dad. In fact, he just cleaned my carpets just a few weeks ago. He is a regular phone-a-friend type of guy. He seems to always know or think of something to do and even if he can't help me, I am always guaranteed to feel a little less frazzled by time I get done talking to him.

He calmed me down after being upset about the fact that I ruined some else's carpet (we rent an apt) and that my daughter thinks I'm on the floor to wrestle and keeps hanging all over my neck or sitting in my lap. Then to top it off-the complex is doing some construction to keep our buildings looking nice so they are on the roof banging loudly.

So much for that "Quit your whining" post the other day.

So he says, "Here's what you do--get a towel and turn on your iron....."

You can imagine where that went. So I got off the phone and proceeded (with crossed fingers) to iron my floor for the next couple of hours. I used a spray bottle to saturate the area and it worked! It just took a long time because it was such a BIG area! BUT it worked!!!

Hours later, there isn't any more blood Crystal Light stain on the carpet and now I am educated on getting a red stain out of carpet!

Who else can say they have ever ironed their carpet??

Too bad Chris' shirts/dress pants get dropped off at the dry cleaners to get cleaned and ironed!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Craftiness and a Giveaway!!

I have been keeping my hands busy in crafts over the last few weeks and it's not seeming to slow down. I think it some times drives my husband crazy or at least he thinks I am crazy! Just in the last few weeks I have made several blog layouts and some advertising, worked on my digital scrapbooks, took Aleeyah out to take some more portraits, worked on a couple of paintings, and of course, did some kid crafts with Aleeyah. I still have a couple of dresses I am wanting to sew for the girl. LOTS of digital scrapbooking still to do. Another painting....or two. I need to paint the table I made for Aleeyah. I've been meaning to crochet myself a new scarf since I can't find any of mine right now. Oh, how the list could go on, but I do really love doing projects.

I find it very relaxing. Painting is the most relaxing for me. I feel like it's one of the few times that my mind isn't racing in all directions. I even realized the other day while reading a text book aloud, that my mind doesn't even stop for that. No, I'm not thinking about what I'm reading aloud. I'm thinking about what needs to be done, what I need to get from the grocery store, etc. My reading never skips a beat, but yet I'm having long thoughts in the process about every day things. But when I get started in a craft project, my mind is quiet for the time being. It's nice.

So nice that there are only a few things in my house that I have not made-the large clock in my dining room, the mirror in my living room, and the set of white shelves in Aleeyah's room.

Now, to clarify-these are not Thomas Kinkade or van Gogh type of paintings. I'm thankful that those are not my style. It's saved me A LOT of money in decorating my abode. Mine are made of swirls, squares, and easy lines. Something that anyone with patience, a canvas, and a paintbrush could accomplish. If I can-you can!

Here are the things hanging on my walls....
(I had to take them at angles to keep the glare off of them in the pictures)

This is the shelf I made in the front hallway:

This is also in my hallway. You can't tell from the pic, but each leaf is cut out with a razor to reveal a printed paper behind it-which is what gives the leaves their color.

This is a set that is not currently hung the way they were intended to be hung. There was a place at our old house that they fit perfectly and I have been unable to find the right spot for them. Right now they are hung above my cabinets in the kitchen. The are actually suppose to be hung one on top of the other. Also, they are made from 1/4 cabinetry plywood, sanded, and painted. Plywood makes a great square "canvas" because it is very difficult to find a square canvas at an affordable price.

This one was nothing more than a pain in my rear! The story is long so I won't tell it, but let's just say-I have a love hate relationship with it. The shiny part in the middle is silver leafing with a distressed effect done on it.

These are in my bedroom. The second set of 3 squares also made of plywood and hung about an inch away from the wall.

This one is hung in my bathroom.

This one is hung in Aleeyah's bathroom. Also made with plywood, but is 1/2 inch and is larger than all the others-2ft by 2ft. The 2 beige looking petals are cut out and are revealing the wall color behind it.

The rest of these are taken in Aleeyah's room:

I painted the guitar painting and next to the guitar painting there is 3 frames that I got for a GREAT deal at Michaels. I took the glass out of the frames and glued in a pink cassette, a pink CD, and a pink IPod. I got the pink IPod from ebay for a great price because it no longer functions. I thought it made a great 3rd piece to show the music media generations.

This picture has the table that still needs to be painted, a memo board I made at our MOPS group, and of course, Aleeyah wanted to sneak herself in there.

So there is a tour of my walls (Jill, I'm still planning on giving a grown-up tour of Aleeyah's room).

Unfortunately, I've almost run out of space to put things on my own walls (without it looking cluttered). I'd like to put one more in my bedroom and another in Aleeyah's bathroom. I just haven't quite decided what they are going to look like.

So what's hanging on your walls that you've put your craftiness into? It doesn't have to be a painting or something you have built. Just something that you put your time into to make it your own.

Write a post on your blog about something you have made and link it here on Mister Linky below by next Tuesday(10th) midnight and I'll randomly select a winner (US Only) of a custom piece of art scribbled painted on a 16x20 canvas. :) If you don't have a blog-you can send me a picture. I'll get with the winner to find our your style and get a few ideas. I'll paint it (maybe get the 3 year olds help) and send it your way!!!

Can't wait to see what you've made!!

**Make sure to use the link directly to the post with your items-not the link to your blog in a whole. This makes it easier for others to view your craft projects instead of having to find it somewhere on your blog!**

Want more giveaways? Check out this site.

Monday, January 26, 2009

"Quit your whining!"

The other day we were driving down the road when this conversation took place....

Aleeyah (speaking to me): NO!
Chris: Aleeyah, you do not tell momma no.

a few seconds of silence

Aleeyah: NOT YES!

Honestly, we tried as hard as we could to hold back the laughter, but it happened. It was the thing that you hope you don't do as a parent. We laughed while giving our daughter, in a round about way, encouragement for her sassy, defiant cleverness.

1 rule (out of the 846 rules ) of proper parenting teaches us: Do not allow your children to talk back and especially do not let them tell you, "NO!". This would encompass if you tell them to do something, they are expected to do it without complaining. If you tell them not to do something-the same applies. It's just the rules and rules are meant to be kept after all!

"Do everything without complaining or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation, in which you shine like stars in the universe as you hold out the word of life …" --Philippians 2:14-16a

Wouldn't it be nice if we could just looked outwardly at our children as we try to instill that verse into our children without really realizing that it is written for every child of God--including us. I believe that some times, us (adults) are in need of the lesson more than our children.

How many times a day do you tell your children, "Quit your whining!"? It seems like lately I've been having to tell Aleeyah that constantly-especially when I tell her to do something or not to do something. But then when I look at myself and wonder how many times a day God wants to tell me the same thing.

A few (among the many) things I complain about, are:

I complain about how it seems like I constantly go around cleaning up the same things every day or how it seems like the laundry is never done. Yet, I have a warm, safe home with a washer and dryer to simplify my chores.

I complain that my husband comes home from work late every day and that normally involves him not getting home until after 7pm. It makes it hard to plan things, but he has a comfortable job that provides for our family. He no longer has to travel and is home with us throughout the week.

I complain about the fact that every moment I turn, I feel like I'm making breakfast, lunch, or cooking dinner. Which also increases the dish mess-meaning more chores! Yet, I have food to eat when I want it. We never go hungry.

There are times that I complain about not having enough money for certain things, but I was born in a land of wealth and opportunity. I don't to sell my body to live or make my child work to eat. God has blessed our family more than we deserve and because of His blessings, we are able to take care of our daughter and she never has to wonder where her next meal will come from.

I never want to say that mine or anyone else's problems are trivial because each problem causes its own concerns in our minds. This is not a "well, these people have it worse" concept.

It's like when a teenager's heart is broken after a fight/split from the one that they "loved". For many of us, our initial reaction lacks compassion. We might ask ourselves, did they honestly believe that they loved this person at age 13 and were going to live the rest of their lives together? We might also chuckle in our minds as we think about those "puppy love" relationships in our younger years. I mean, after all that we have been through, it seems so childish. BUT in those moments-no matter what the reason-that teenager's heart is hurting. They are disappointed. They want to know why this is happening to them. They need you to help them understand and grow from it.

I could take my list of complaints and use it against myself to feel guilty and selfish. I could tell myself how childish I am being or how I just need to let it go. OR I could make the decision in the moment to focus my mind more on the blessings that God has given me and how I can share those with others. I can learn to take the focus off of me and my complaints and put the focus on God and others.

If you scroll back up and read the verse again-You might take the first part of the verse as, If I do not argue or complain then I am pure and without fault. So if I complain tomorrow about anything, I've blown it.

But God and Jesus are the ultimate example of a compassionate love for others. God never tells us to toughen up and get over it. He never tells us that our problems mean nothing. He doesn't see our complaint as a one way ticket out of a relationship with Him. Instead, He forgives us. Then, with our own decision to change and think of others before ourselves, He guides us in love to make the right decisions next time. We begin to worry less about what we don't have and more on what we are given daily. Finally, for those times we do mess up, He gave us Jesus so that we can become pure. That, we cannot do alone.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Photo Shoot (full version)

Last night, I posted a sneak peek to our photo shoot yesterday. I have been wanting to take Aleeyah out for some shots, but was waiting on a little bit warmer weather so we wouldn't freeze outside. I had planned on taking her out to where Chris works to take them, but just before we left, I got an email from a friend saying we might try out the Kansas City Power and Light district. (THANKS Jess! It was exactly what I wanted). I brought my dad for added safety. We had a good time with it. Aleeyah was more interested in hiding behind her hat than actually taking pictures. You will see this throughout the pictures, but we ended up getting some better shots than I originally thought!

At some point her hair got tucked behind her ear-the ear that is sticking out like crazy because of her hat! So don't mind the ear! haha!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Photo Shoot Sneak Peek!

My dad and I took Aleeyah out to the Kansas City Power and Light district today to take some pictures. I'll be uploading them tomorrow late afternoon, but I wanted to stop in and give you a sneak peek! Can't wait to share the others!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


A few weeks ago, Aleeyah began trying to spell her name on her own. One night I wrote it on her name on her chalkboard and went over it a few times. I then scrambled the letters at the bottom of the chalkboard and asked Aleeyah which letter came first. As she told me what letter came first, then next, then next (you get the idea!), I wrote them on the chalkboard. We did that a few times and then stopped for the night.

The next morning we were eating breakfast when she said,

Aleeyah. A-L-E-E-Y-A-H. Aleeyah.

Just as you would do at a spelling bee. We were surprised that she got the spelling down so quickly.

Then the next day we were at a restaurant and we were coloring with her waiting for our food. I asked her to spell her name for her daddy and she proceeded to do so in her spelling bee format. On a blank piece of paper I asked her if she could write it.

Now, I have to say-she knows all her uppercase and lowercase letters and their sounds and has been reading more and more every day. BUT she refuses to write her letters outside of HOT and a couple others. Other than that, I have tried numerous ways of getting her to write them to no avail. She has just refused to try.

She picked up her crayon and began writing. She would stop between the letters to remind herself which letter came next. She wrote each letter with ease except with the Y. She had the idea, but didn't quite get it right. She didn't copy it from something else. She wrote her name all by herself in the proper order!

She has been writing her name over and over on paper since then!

So yes, we were and are very proud of her!!! I had to keep the first one to share and keep!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Online Bible Study

Is there something in your life holding you in the bondage of sin? Is it keeping you from truly connecting with God?
Join us, a group of online Christian women, as we Break Free from the things that keep us from soaring under His wings.

We will begin our journey together February 15, 2009. Our study group will be conducted through a blogspot blog. All
group members will have the ability to post their thoughts and feelings. (If you have never blogged-please still consider
joining us. I can help you get started and the process is not complicated for the average computer user.) Also, our study
blog is a private blog-no one outside of the group members will have access to it and will not be able to read our discussions.

We will be going through Beth Moore's Breaking Free workbook. I just have to say, it's a wonderful study! Yes, I've done
this one before, but am looking forward to doing it again! We will be working through our workbooks on our own 5 days a
week and should be finished in 11 weeks. All group members are welcome to share with the group through the blog as
often as they would like. There are no requirements or strict schedules to work by.

Does this sound like something for you? If so, email me with your name, address, and phone number (if you are
willing to share-we would like to set up study buddies) and let me know that you would like to join us! I will be contacting
you again in the weeks to come with more information. Also, you will need to purchase the workbook before we begin!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me! ahamblin(at)kc(dot)rr(dot)com

New look!!!!

Well, I have been making on some major stuff over the last week and half since we last saw each other! I've been busy trying to get all kinds of stuff together for the next online blogger Bible study coming up including design changes, buttons, and such. Then I began the project of redoing my own blog look along with a couple of other small projects. All that has left me almost 2 weeks behind on the blog and lots of stuff to tell you and also lots to catch up on how my blogger friends have been! Miss you guys!!!

Well, seeing as how the sun will be coming up soon and I haven't got a wink of shut-eyem, all updates, reading, and emails will just have to wait until tomorrow. Until then, come on in and check out the new design and let me know what you think!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Chris, Aleeyah, and I stayed up past midnight and waited for the ball to drop on TV. We had some sparkling pink lemonade. Aleeyah liked it; however, Chris and I didn't finish our glasses--not so yummy! haha. Aleeyah woke us up the next morning asking for more "bubbly"! I would like to say that it was Chris' fault, but I'd be lying!

New Years Day we went to Zona Rosa, an outdoor shopping mall. It has an old town feel to it with big corporate stores. We picked up a couple of great finds for Aleeyah. More importantly, a few things to take her winter pictures in. I will just have to wait for a semi-nice day to go out and take them!

I have some stuff to share about our 2009 goals, but it will have to wait until later. The dryer has been calling my name for far too long to keep putting it off!

Playtime with a princess!

While we were in Oklahoma, we made it over to see my cousin and her girls. Arianna is the oldest of the two girls and she LOVES her princesses! She was excited to share her princess costumes, but Aleeyah didn't want to be a princess that night. We don't have a whole lot of dress up clothes at our house because Aleeyah doesn't really get into dressing up--something I looked forward to about having a girl. She loves to put on different clothes and her princess shoes, but not necessarily costumes. She did finally put on some wings though. The girls had a lovely time playing together and I enjoyed catching up with my cousin while occasionally getting to squish the littlest one!

Christmas in Oklahoma

We made our way to Oklahoma the Saturday after Christmas to spend some time with Chris' side of the family. His parents had a lovely mexican dinner prepared for the festivities. Chris' brother, Josh and his wife Lauren even were able to make it home from Florida to spend some much needed family time. My dad and Sherry also came over to eat the food that Mark prepared for the Army, but they didn't show! haha! It was really good though!

The princess had lots of presents to open! Her grandparents absolutely spoiled her! She got her very own digital camera, a piano, a couple of games, barbies, a book, a bowling set, and a stocking full of goodies!! Uncle Josh and Aunt Lauren got her a game called Elefun. It's an elephant with a 4 foot truck that shoots butterflies out and you have to catch them with nets. It's a fun game and I would recommend it to those of you with pre-schoolers!

Here are a few pics from the evening....

Aleeyah absolutely loves playing with her grandparents. I took a couple of pictures while Aleeyah and her Mimi were playing instruments after church on Sunday! Now, I don't quite understand how you play a piano on your head, but apparently Mimi knows what she is doing! haha!

Really, Aleeyah has a great time with them and has a hard time when we leave. In fact, once we made it home on Tuesday, Aleeyah asked if Mimi and Papa were coming over. When I told her no they weren't she said, Ohhhh, we are going over to Mimi and Papa's house? Sadly, no kid but they are planning on coming up again in another month or two-which is like 10 years for a 3 year old.

I think everyone had a great time and we are already looking forward to seeing each other again!

Christmas in Kansas

Good grief! I feel like I just keep apologizing for not being around. Chris and I have been laughing at the fact that it feels as though we have missed church in over a month because of his work schedule. Now we haven't missed at all, but it seems that way because it feels like a weekend when he is home from work. It's amazing how holidays can mess with your schedule and cause your internal clock to go haywire!

Well, I left you hanging last time with our Christmas updates and hopefully, I can get them all finished before Valentines Day! haha! KIDDING!

Aleeyah woke up Christmas morning about 9:00am. We haven't hit the early mornings yet and I do believe that some house rules will have to go into place over the next few years about what time she is allowed to get up!

She first noticed that Santa ate the cookies, left her gumballs, and wrote her a note. I figured the note would have been the least of her concern, but she proudly carried it around all morning. It looks like it's something we may be doing in the years to come. I will have to see if Santa can make his handwriting look a little less like mine. I am afraid she might put the two together somewhere in there.

As tradition, we opened stockings first. Her daddy was in charge of letting Santa know what kind of candy she liked the most. Apparently, Santa couldn't decide on a couple of small bags of candy and overloaded the girl with sugar. Eleven days and 5 pounds later, Momma is really wanting to curse Santa. So, instead I am sitting here drinking Glaceau's Smart Water in hopes of drowning out those 5 pounds plus another 75! And what's up with "smart water" anyway? Chris bought it for me.....I wonder what he is trying to do....hhmmm........OH, Christmas--so anyway...

She was very excited about her stocking and almost forgot that we had presents to open.

We finally made our way over to the tree to open presents....

One of her first presents to open was an extra controller for her V-Motion. It's a video game console with learning games that require movement to be played. We got her the V-Motion for Christmas also. It's a good thing you get about 4 years of practice before they really start getting it and putting things together. See an experienced parent would know that sometimes you must open presents in a particular order to keep from ruining the surprise.

Can you see the excitement in her face about a book? I LOVE that!

We bought her a new radio for her room. To say the least, we were having issues with hers! She enjoys listening to her Bible songs at night and was upset when she couldn't listen to them anymore. Now she is good to go and a happy girl at night again!

We also got her one of those peg boards that you put the rubbery beads on and then melt them with an iron to make designs. I had them when I was a kid and loved them. They are so simple and now I question why I liked it so much, but obviously they are doing something right. While I cooked dinner, Aleeyah sat at the table for 45 minutes straight playing with it. She loves playing with things that are little and plentiful. So she had a blast meticulously places each bead. I had to laugh and say, "that's Aleeyah for you" when on her own she decided to start making letters with the beads!

Another one of her favorite presents was her Word Whammer by Leap Frog. I can't say it enough-this girl LOVES her letters! You put 3 letters in the word whammer to create a word and the word whammer tells you what word it is.

Later that evening, my dad, his girlfriend-Sherry, my brother, and a friend of his came over for dinner. Outside of the rolls that were only suppose to take 15 minutes to cook, but had to rise for 2 1/2 hours, dinner went well. Sherry even managed to save the rolls and boy where they worth it!

Aleeyah got a Light Bright from my dad and Cody (my brother) and a cute no-sew fleece blanket from Sherry (or Cherry as Aleeyah says). The Light Bright was even a hit among the adults!

All in all-a GREAT time!!!

Stay tuned for Christmas-Oklahoma style!
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