Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Update on the babies

Well, our baby hamsters are now 14 days old today!!! They have grown so much over the last 2 weeks. They now have fur and their eyes are open. That are a hoot to watch. They are now so mobile that Mocoal seems to get quite frustrated when they won't stay put. She will pick them up with her mouth and drag them over to the nest and then scurry off to get another one. By time she gets the other one over to the nest, the previous one has already wandered off! I'm finally able to hold them now that their eyes are open. I even had one sleeping in my hand yesterday. I really didn't think I would have as much fun watching them grow as I have been. I let Aleeyah hold 3 at one time yesterday and she could not stop giggling!! She loved every minute of it!

Here are a few pics!

I had to add a tub to her home so that they would all have enough room to run around. I'm afraid Mocoal is going to be getting too spoiled to take it away after the babies find new homes. I think I will finally be able to clean out their cage this week. They say to avoid cleaning it out the first couple of weeks due to their nest and to keep their scent in the litter. It's been killing me to not clean it-especially since now there are 7 up, moving, eating, and pooping!!!


Jill Foley said...

so cute and so tiny!

Juli Jarvis said...

Oh my gosh -- they're darling! I sort of miss those days -- but on second thought, will let you do the cage cleaning & stuff for now. Thanks so much for the great pics though!

Britt said...

AHH! I want one!!!! Our gerbil just seems to rat like...So happy they're doing well!

Da MiMi said...

I really like the new addition! Lot's of room for play time.

Domestic Goddess said...

They are so cute, I am not usually a fan of little "creatures" but they are really cute. I love the video!!

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