Monday, December 1, 2008

Our holiday weekend!

We had a wonderful weekend. Chris' parents came up from Oklahoma to spend Thanksgiving with us. Chris took off work so we were able to spend Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday together.

Thursday we spent fasting and praying for the children and their families living in povertyFast and Feast Day. It was definitely different than what everyone else was doing around us. There was absolutely nothing open that day (it seemed). We did head up to the plaza to watch the lighting and fireworks.

Later that evening, Chris started our first fire of the long string of fires in the fireplace to combat the cool air coming into the house. We snuggled up on the couch and watched a movie. After many attempts of keeping him awake, his sleepiness won and I finished watching the romantic movie by myself, but at least he didn't witness the tears I inevitably have while watching a chick flick.

Friday, my m-i-l and I chose to avoid the stores like the plague while Chris and Mark went out and found a few things worth bringing home. We had a good time hanging out at the house watching the snow fall while warming our bodies by the fireplace. We also had a blast playing in Aleeyah's room. I'll have to save all the pics from that adventure for a post all of it's own! Dad and I did venture out of the house to purchase some groceries for dinner that evening. Dad cooked a great dinner as usual!!!

Saturday, Chris, Dad, and I went to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert. Chris and I have been the last three years. It's an amazingly good show. We had originally bought tickets for us and Aleeyah, but Aleeyah has been so sensitive to noise lately that we felt she probably shouldn't go even though she enjoyed the show the year before. So, we asked Dad to go with us. When making plans, we hadn't realized that the concert was the same weekend of Thanksgiving. Thankfully, Mark and Benita offered to hang out with Aleeyah. They took her to the Johnson County Childrens Museum. From what they said, everyone had a great time! We are planning on going with our MOPS group soon so I'm glad she liked it.

The concert was great. The thing that I love about their concerts is that they have so much to offer. Story telling, music (both soft and hard), snow, lights, fireworks, lasers, and other pyro stuff. I already knew that Chris and I would enjoy it, but I was certain it would be right up my dad's alley and it was. It was nice to share that with him. We had floor seats about 25 rows back from stage. Excellent seats. My only complaint would be the lady in front of me that clearly had ADD and couldn't resist moving her head all the time!! haha! We even had some memory making time in the parking garage trying to get out. It took us 45 minutes to get out and one man pleading with another driver to let us out!! It was good times! Below are a couple of pictures from the night. I was trying to be inconspicuous and they are taken with my iphone (which picture taking isn't it's strong point). I didn't bring my camera due to I didn't know if it was allowed. There were several others taking pics and I didn't see anything saying we couldn't so I went with the crowd and snapped a handful.

After we got home, Dad and I made tilapia, salmon, shrimp cocktail, veggies, bread, and rice for the family. Yum! Yum! Then, of course, watched the game while we ate.

So that was our weekend!!! Hope yours was great also!!


Britt said...

So happy you (and Aleeyah) had fun!! Lilli is issues with noise too...and she's 5.

I wish I could have posted sooner...your posts aren't showing up in my Google RSS feed thingy....

Domestic Goddess said...

What a weekend! It sounds like you guys had a great time!!!! Thanks again for getting the prayer times together, it was a really great thing to participate in!

The Leeth family said...

I am glad you had a good time! The game was GREAT wasn't it!!!

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