Tuesday, December 9, 2008

OU and something about a game!

This weekend, my dad, his girlfriend, my brother, and Chris went to the Big 12 Championship game. We surprised Chris with the tickets last week. He has never been to a big college game. He use to play college ball, but nothing like OU. Dad and Cody came over for dinner and we had many plans of messing with Chris before we finally would tell him that he is going to the game. That lasted all but 10 minutes and dad couldn't resist and spilled the beans! Chris was beyond excited and looked forward to it all week. My cousin's husband and m-i-l had also purchased tickets to go. They came up and while everyone went to the game, Amber, her two girls, Aleeyah, and I stayed at home and just enjoyed spending some time talking and playing. It was pretty cold from what they said, but we wouldn't have known that sitting in my warm house watching the game on TV. Everyone had a great time though. Amber and her family stayed that night and headed back home the next day. It was great to spend some time with her and the girls!

I took several pictures that night, but that same corrupted camera card made its way into my camera again so I have none now! AND I forgot to send the camera with Chris the game. They were too busy getting gloves, hats, warmers---all the things to attempt to keep warm. To me camera always takes priority! haha!

The most important thing though-they all came home that night happy!!!!

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Domestic Goddess said...

I am sure they came home happy...stupid Missouri BLEW it big time. Oh well. Congrats on being the Big 12 Champions. I can't imagine how cold it was, thankfully it was not snowing. We went to a Chiefs Chargers game last year and it was brutal in the cold, the wind in Arrowhead does not help! That was a great surprise for Chris though!

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