Monday, December 1, 2008

The night I met THE Domestic Goddess

I hope that everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving!!! I know I did!

I use to be one of those people that had my Christmas tree up in October. Then as the years went by and I spent more time trying to keep a little girl out of it, I eventually began putting it off until much later. Then I got where I would hate the site of Christmas stuff before Thanksgiving. Maybe it was because it reminded me of how little time we had to do SO many things!

Well, we were invited to a holiday party at a blogger friend's house the weekend before Thanksgiving. Yes, you read that right. I met her online! Apparently, our husbands had the same questions, but were relieved when we told them that we were doing a bible study together with several others. Maybe I am a bit naive, but I don't think serial killers normally do Bible studies (at least before they go to jail!). We had a GREAT time and seeing her house beautifully decorated for Christmas really kicked my rear in gear for the holiday season! I also got to meet Jenn from Mama's Ramblings and her adorable little guy!!

Aleeyah had a blast playing with her daughter and I think she enjoyed it too! In a matter of 20 minutes of being there, Aleeyah came running into the living room with her hair in a sideways ponytail and carrying a snowman craft that they had made. Later that evening, I helped the girls put together a gingerbread house. Word to wise-don't cut the bag of icing open too much-it will make the icing a disaster! By the end, the house was falling apart, but they enjoyed making it and then eating it. Here are a few pics I stole from Jess from us making the house.

I have a few more pictures that I took from that night, but I'm not sure which 3 camera cards holds them. I may try to post them up, but don't hold your breath.

She had some vendors set up at the party and it was nice to be able to look at all the pretties and eat some very good food!!! We ended the night in the basement playing poker. Okay, I didn't play, but did get to cuddle with her absolutely beautiful dogs! I paid for it later that night, but loved every moment of it. We didn't head home until after 1am so I think we had a lovely time!

More updates coming shortly!!!

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Domestic Goddess said...

Thank you guys for coming, it was so nice to get to meet you in person and to get to meet Aleeyah and Chris too! Abby has finally gotten Aleeyah's name right, she is no longer Olivia! LOL! We had a lot of fun, thanks for making the trip out and back home so late!

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