Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Let it snow!!!

It's snowing here right now. It's not a real white fluffy snow, but more of a snow that makes GREAT snowballs! It started this morning while we were at MOPS and hasn't stopped since. I took a few pictures earlier. It was having some problems sticking, but is finally starting to stick. I heard that we will be getting much more snow then what we are use to in Oklahoma. I'm actually looking forward to it this year. Especially if it is snow-not ice. We are planning on decorating the tree tonight so the snow should make a good back drop for our festivities!!! I'm looking forward to seeing a white Christmas!

Earlier, Aleeyah decided it would be a great idea to go outside to gather some snow from the balcony. This wouldn't have been such a bad ordeal had she been wearing pants. It seems like the kid never has pants on anymore since we started potty training. We use to keep her pants off so it would be a quick process if need be when she had to go. Well, now she just feels like she doesn't need to wear pants around the house anymore. So she went out in the snow with a shirt, a coat, my house slippers, and her panties! Brrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

Here are a few pics that I took earlier of our snow so far....

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Domestic Goddess said...

Cute decorations. I remember the no pants stage, that was so much fun. The 6 year old does that for bedtime now, she thinks it's the coolest thing EVER to go to bed with just a shirt and no pants. Kids are so funny! I wish we could get away with that :)

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