Tuesday, January 20, 2009


A few weeks ago, Aleeyah began trying to spell her name on her own. One night I wrote it on her name on her chalkboard and went over it a few times. I then scrambled the letters at the bottom of the chalkboard and asked Aleeyah which letter came first. As she told me what letter came first, then next, then next (you get the idea!), I wrote them on the chalkboard. We did that a few times and then stopped for the night.

The next morning we were eating breakfast when she said,

Aleeyah. A-L-E-E-Y-A-H. Aleeyah.

Just as you would do at a spelling bee. We were surprised that she got the spelling down so quickly.

Then the next day we were at a restaurant and we were coloring with her waiting for our food. I asked her to spell her name for her daddy and she proceeded to do so in her spelling bee format. On a blank piece of paper I asked her if she could write it.

Now, I have to say-she knows all her uppercase and lowercase letters and their sounds and has been reading more and more every day. BUT she refuses to write her letters outside of HOT and a couple others. Other than that, I have tried numerous ways of getting her to write them to no avail. She has just refused to try.

She picked up her crayon and began writing. She would stop between the letters to remind herself which letter came next. She wrote each letter with ease except with the Y. She had the idea, but didn't quite get it right. She didn't copy it from something else. She wrote her name all by herself in the proper order!

She has been writing her name over and over on paper since then!

So yes, we were and are very proud of her!!! I had to keep the first one to share and keep!


Juli Jarvis said...

Yeah Aleeyah! Not an easy name to spell, that's for sure!

Jill Foley said...

Syd is the same way...knows her letters, but will not write them. She did for a bit, but now won't again.

Domestic Goddess said...

That is AWESOME!!!! I love this stage, it's so cute. She did really great and her handwriting is FANTASTIC. It makes me miss Abby being that small, I remember when we were working on it, she would always add too many B's, it was so funny. Each time there were a few more when she would spell her name for someone. How do they grow up so fast??????

GOOD JOB ALEEYAH!!!!!! You're such a big girl!

Da MiMi said...

Aside from the "Yes, I know. I do have the most brilliant grandchild ever."
I had one of those ole "snapshot" memories come to me as I read your post. I remember back to childhood (you know, otherwise known as the dark ages...). Anyway, I remember all the hours that Janine and I spent playing school down in the basement of our old home. We took turns being "teacher" and practice all of that spelling and such on our blackboard.
Yup,as far back as I can remember I've always wanted to teach. It is the most awesome feeling to see your pupil practice and practice until she finally "gets it". Love y'all.

Steve said...

That is great! Just wait until she read's her first word. My oldest son was in "timeout" on the stairs, when he turned around and started to sound out the word that was on a sweatshirt, saying it outloud, "G...A..P, G..A..P, G.A.P, GAP!!! GAP!!!" It was the best "timeout" we ever put him in!!!

Abbie H. said...

Benita-I always LOVED playing school!

Steve-makes it hard to have a useful timeout in those circumstances, I am sure! Aleeyah starting reading small words about 5-6 months ago-shortly after she turned 3. She is just now catching onto wanting to write her letters.

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