Thursday, December 11, 2008

A box of 25 kids!

I just received a box 2 days ago that held 25 children in it. No, I didn't order 25 actual to speak. I did however, request that 25 child packets be shipped from Compassion International to me.

For quite some time now, I've been sending you over to Compassion's website to sponsor and feed children living in poverty. I've never personally held a child's packet who is waiting. I was challenged to order packets and get as many children sponsored as possible before the 21st of December. Challenged by who and why before the 21st? I will tell you that on the 21st. :)

But right now, I'm asking you to leave a comment or send me an email ( telling me that you want to make a difference in a child's life right now--just in time for Christmas! I have 25 children waiting for you to say those words.

It only takes a commitment of $32.00 a month to fill the every day needs of these children. You will be able to write your child and receive letters back from them. If you someday wish to meet them in their country, Compassion can set that up for you also.

A couple Compassion stats for you:

*80 % of your money is used for the children
*they just received their 7th consecutive 4-star rating from charity navigator
------ 387 charities earned 2 consecutive 4-star ratings
------ 199 earned 3
------ 168 earned 4
------ 59 earned 5
------ 67 earned 6
------ and 45 earned 7

25 children in 10 days!!! Comment or Email me!!!

1 comment:

Jill Foley said...

Oh I'm so glad you are taking this challenge! I hope...really, really, really hope that you have to order 25 more!

Praying your harvest is great!

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