Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Out for a bit

My computer is needing a little clean-up. It says it only has 2 % free space. I can't even run a defrag on it because it needs more room to run it. Chris says if I keep abusing it without fixing it that I might loose everything. Which would SO not be good.

I wonder if it has anything to do with the over 11,000 photos I have stored on it. I was a bit shocked by the number when I went to the program that stores them all. That's just photos that I personally have taken-never mind any of the other photos.

I suppose its time to do a little housework on it!


Juli Jarvis said...

Get an external hard drive to store your photos on -- they're not too expensive. Get plenty of room on it though!

Da MiMi said...

Hmmm....? Wonder who's the subject of all those lovely pictures? You're an awesome photographer!

The Leeth family said...

Well, I hope you are back soon, but when you get this, check out my blog on They give %5 of purchases to charity, and noe of their charities is Compassion.

Domestic Goddess said...

2 words came to mind...FLASH DRIVE! I was in the same boat sister, but Costco saved the day. They had a 4 pack of 8GB Flash Drives so I "themed" each one and moved all my pictures to them. I was so impressed at the difference that made. Good luck, computers...they are a pain but really, what did we ever do without them?

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