Monday, December 22, 2008

All I want for Christmas is 2 gumballs!

After church yesterday, Chris, Aleeyah, my Dad, and I went to the mall for our yearly Santa trip. The previous years resulted in Aleeyah reluctantly sitting on Santas lap. This year she has been SO excited about Christmas and Santa. Since the beginning of December she has been talking about Christmas, Christmas trees and Ho Ho (her name for Santa) and I know this is going to be a fun year for us! We have been talking to her more about what the traditions of Christmas in hopes that she understands more. We spent the last week trying to help her understand who Santa is and why we go see him. I figured this would be a good way of helping her feel comfortable about going to sit on his lap.

In the last week, she has constantly been asking if it was time to go see Santa yet. Every morning she would say it was a sunny day and ask if Santa was awake and every night she would inform me it was dark outside so Santa was sleeping.

Finally the day had come to go see him and she was pumped. She had already decided she was going to ask him to bring her bubble gum. No sleighs, no dolls, no games.......gum balls!

We waited in line which surprisingly wasn't horrible. We made our way up to Santa and Aleeyah climbed up in his lap and began whispering in his year. Poor Santa-he probably had no idea what she was talking about! haha!

She smiled for a cute picture of the two of them.

Then later we took her over to ride the carousel in the mall. As Chris and Aleeyah made their way to the top of the carousel, I motioned to Chris asking him why they didn't stay on the bottom so we could see better. He said she wanted to go up top so they did. She kept yelling and waving from afar trying to say hi to her momma and pee-paw. I love watching the two of them together-just melts my heart.

She wanted to go eat lunch at the jungle aka Rain Forest Cafe. So we took her there for lunch and enjoyed eating lunch with the elephants, birds, monkeys, etc. As she was trying to look around at all the scenery, she fell out of her chair--flat on her back. She was crying, not because she was hurt or anything, it just scared her. BUT then this kid behind us kept laughing at her. I found myself for the first time wanting to yell at a young boy for laughing at my girl. I got over it soon though!

I would say our Santa outing went rather well!!!!


Jill Foley said...

That's a GREAT pic of her on Santa's lap!!!

Juli Jarvis said...

I agree--cute photo!

The Leeth family said...

The secret moments between a child and Santa. It is a memory to cherish!

Domestic Goddess said...

SO CUTE! It's so fun when they can start to wrap their minds around the excitement of Christmas. The picutres are cute! And I am so relieved to hear I am not the only Mom who's rage gets out of hand when any other kid even thinks of being mean to my baby! :)

The Leeth family said...

I am sure you are busy with your family over the holidays, but I have missed your updates! Hope all is well!

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