Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Prince and Two Princesses

Chris and I both (not so secretly) wanted a little girl when I was pregnant. I think Chris more adamant about wanting a girl than I was. Now, I have to say-we don't have anything against little boys and I know that we would have been filled with joy had we had a boy. Girls are just different. They are girly and typically, more emotional. I understand them more. So of course, we were elated when we found out that God was giving us a daughter.

She has had her daddy wrapped around her finger from the moment she was born. There are certain dates and things that I have forgotten along the way, but I will never forget the look on his face and the words that he spoke the first time Chris held his daughter. He was sitting in the chair next by my head holding her while they stitched me up in the operating room. My eyes were blurred from the tears, but I saw clearly the instant love that he had for her. A love that continues to form and shape as the years go by.

If you know me at all, you will know that I absolutely love having a daughter! Aleeyah and I are so blessed to be able to spend as much time together as we do. In a given week, (outside of bed time) there may only be a total of 4 hours that I haven't spent with Aleeyah--including Bible class and children's worship on Sundays. Yeah, there are times that I enjoy running to the fabric store without her attempting to pull the fabric on the floor or the few minutes of quiet I get while her and her daddy go run. But for the most part, my time is spent with her always tagging along everywhere I go and I love it.

Chris and Aleeyah are two of my most bestest friends. Chris and I have always shared a strong friendship. A friendship that has baffled many people that we have met along the way. We do everything together and have ever since our relationship began to get more serious some 11 or so years ago. It's so nice to share that relationship with Aleeyah. She even told me that I was her friend yesterday. She has fit right in.

Of course, we don't take the friendship status too far. There are rules that need to be abided by to make a safe and respectful environment for our family and there are consequences when necessary. We make choices and allow certain things to happen when there is a lesson to be learned. We don't do it out of anger or spite. We do it because we love her.

It gives me a glimpse of God's love for us. My mind is fascinated by the idea that I am His child. I am the child that messes up. I am the child that doesn't come and visit as much as He wants. I am the child that doesn't always listen. I am the child that sometimes needs her mouth washed out with soap. I am the child that takes and takes and takes from Him, but doesn't give as much as I should. I am the child that needs a good lesson from time to time....more times than not.

BUT I am the child He still loves and protects when I've given Him every opportunity and reason to disown me.

I am His daughter and the princess of a King.


Britt said...

Lol...Michael ALWAYS wanted a boy...and God gave us three!! But Corinne (our 2nd) would rather play with tools and dirt than dolls, whereas Lilli (our 1st) is a girlie girl - princesses, pink, glitter, name I wonder how Eleanor is going to be???

Domestic Goddess said...

Wow! 3 Kleenex's later...that was an amazing post, so beautiful!

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