Thursday, November 27, 2008

Prayer Suggestion #18

Today, we begin our feast in prayer for the children and their families living in poverty. I plan to have ideas throughout the day to aid in your prayers for children living in poverty. If you are stuck not knowing how to pray for children and their families for 20 minutes or longer for some, you are welcome to stop by and get some ideas. They will be simple and not meant to take away from how the holy spirit guides you through your prayer.

Finally, I ask that you pray for you and I as we go out from today from our day of thanksgiving and prayer. Our lives are filled with business. Our hearts are filled with our own burdens. Our minds are filled with our own worries. In the days end, we fill we have little to offer. So little to give to anyone else.

It's time that we live every day in God's will. His will to make time for Him. His will to bring others to know Him. His will to serve others in every need. His will for us to obey His commands to help the poor.

I pray that our hearts have been broken and our minds educated on how you and I, as only 1 person, can make help save a life. I pray that we take our knowledge and broken hearts to give others hope.

Sponsor a child online through Compassion's Christian child sponsorship ministry. Search for a child by age, gender, country, birthday, special needs and more.


MizTremblay said...

Abbie--thanks for setting up these posts. They really helped.

I would even check back after my scheduled time slot, to find out other ways to pray. Sometimes I realized that I had already prayed for something you posted! God knew it was something worth praying for, and brought it to mind.

Thanks again for organizing this day of prayer. Enjoy your weekend!


Steve said...

I meant to stop in and tell you I prayed during my scheduled time! This was the first time, I ever set a scheduled time to pray like this. Also, you can tell you put a lot of work into all of your suggestions. I'm going to have to review them all! Thank you!

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