Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A mother of 6....or more!

The other day we found out that Mocoal was in fact a girl and we suspected that she was preggo. I've never had a pregnant hamster so I wasn't positive, but she seemed to have gained a lot of weight over night and it didn't feel flabby. So the last few days, I have been doing some heavy research online as to what to do with a pregnant hamster and what to expect after she had them.....if she was actually pregnant. She was showing all the signs of building a nest, storing food, and sleeping a lot. I even had a few laughs about the hormonal changes causing her to nip at my hand when I put it in her cage. I've been feeding her extra protein and more fresh veggies and fruits than normal as she would need the extra nutrients. I moved her in my room so that she would have the quiet environment that she would desire as new mom.

Well, as I sit here on my bed writing to you, I hear little squeaks coming from Mocoal's cage. She had her babies this afternoon. I was a bit overjoyed to see that her growing belly wasn't a tumor, but was little teeny-tiny hamsters. I sent Chris an excited "WE HAVE BABIES!!!!" text to his cell phone. The moment he walked in the door, he was peering into her cage trying to get a look. She has been quiet all day. Just sleeping and nursing. I've kept the good food coming her way.

We aren't suppose to look much and we don't dare touch anything in her cage right now. So we have only been able to get a couple of quick glances when she gets up for water. We did count 6, but there could be more that we just couldn't see at the time. Aleeyah has been quick to tell us to be quiet because Mocoal is with her babies. It was too cute for words!

Because we are trying to give her space, I haven't got any pictures of the little things and probably won't be able to for at least a week. I am hoping that they survive. I never intended on having baby hamsters nor did I think I would ever want to go through this with her, but it's a bit out of our control so I am embracing it. I called the pet store where we got her just a couple of weeks ago and they said since she would have been pregnant when we bought her then we can just bring the babies to them after they have been weened.

So if you happen to be wanting a little dwarf hamster, I'll have several if they survive. They may even be weened by time we go back home to Oklahoma if anyone there wants one.

She is a sweet little thing-taking food from our hands and always being gentle. She always seems to find my feet when she is running around in her ball on the floor. I've had a bit more of an attachment to her since we figured out she was pregnant. Maybe it's that mother bond. Yeah, I know-she is a hamster. It's weird, but true! haha!

I'll try to get a few pics of at least her in the next couple of days!!!


GinSpaghetti said...

Fish drama, pregnant hamsters... what on earth will be next?! I laughed when I read this post but loved it! I hope Mocoal and her babies will continue to be healthy and well - congrats on the new little babies and happy thanksgiving!

Britt said...

AH! How exciting! I always thought hamsters (gerbils, or any other "rodent"...and I can say that cause I have a gerbil...lol) ate their young. Glad to hear this wasn't the case for you all :)

Jill Foley said...

too funny. I would love a dwarf hamster for the girls...just bring it on up here!

Where are you from in Oklahoma? My grandpa was originally from Enid.

MizTremblay said...

I'd love one of the babies, but I don't have anywhere to put the cage. So that makes it easy--I wouldn't want to have to mail one of the little ones!

Who knows, maybe I can move my stereo and put a cage on my desk...or not. Now that I think of it, the cats who allow us to live here probably wouldn't differentiate between "hamster" and "lunch". I'd better not even go to the pet shop!

Becky said...

Congratulations! I can't wait to see pics of mommy and her babies.

Juli Jarvis said...

Hilarious -- reminds me of our pet mice days, "Speedy" had babies and we had to change his name to "Chelsea."

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