Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mocoal, the small bit of fur

This last weekend, Chris, Aleeyah, and I went to the pet store to get a few more fish to replace the ones we lost. While Chris was paying for the fish, Aleeyah and I went over to greet the hamsters and the ferrets. I love playing with the ferrets while we are there because they always have so much energy, but man, do they stink! I can always them on my hands until I get to where I can wash them.

Aleeyah and I held a hamster. He was SO cute! We put him in her sweater pocket and took him over to go see Chris. Once Chris was done paying, Aleeyah and I went over to put him back. She was great about it (as she normally is) and then we left the store.

Now, I am going to pause in our story and let you watch a short video.....

LOL-as you can see.....he didn't stay there. We came home that afternoon, got Aleeyah's fish in their tank, and Aleeyah laid down for quiet time. It took me all of about 15 minutes to grab my keys and head back to the pet store to get him. The whole way there I was convincing myself that he was only a little bit of fur and wouldn't be any problem with my allergies.

Aleeyah was SO excited to see him when she came out of her room after quiet time! She named him herself with one of her made up words. His name is Mocoal. Like cocoa replacing an M where the C goes and add an L. Yes, it's crazy, but that is what she wanted to name him! haha!

They have done great together. The video is a great example of what our life with Mocoal has been so far. In and out of his cage via Aleeyah. We have so many stories already of her and her hamster. It's very humorous. I'll have to share those another day.

Mocoal is a dwarf hamster and won't get much bigger than what he is in the video. He is so sweet. The first day home he was already taking food out of our hands with his.

More stories to come-I am sure!


The Leeth family said...

brave brave soul! We have thought about getting Gavin a pet, but we have not attempted it yet!
But I love her imagination and her words!

Domestic Goddess said...

That is so funny that you went back, that is so something I would do. I think that we will literally have to build one if we add anything else to our ark. 3 cats and 2 horses of dogs...the cats have barely survived the dogs so I am thinking the hampster would just be a treat. LOL! I love that Aleyah named him, that is so cute. Those will be great memories to laugh about when she is grown!

Susan said...

Abi has the same type of hamster--named "Sophie". She is so sweet. She has never bit anyone & comes to you when you talk to her! She had gotten out of her cage once &, when my mother-in-law called her, she actually came! It's hilarious! Hope your daughter enjoys hers!

Tracy said...

Oh, now don't I just feel like the worst mother. We had that same cage, with a fuzzy, bigger hamster that wasn't quite so cute...... we sold him on Craig's list last week to someone who would actually want to change his cage and play with him. I think your daughter touched hers more in that 2 min. than my boys did in the 4 months we had him!! Sunny side is my son now has $35 burning a hole in his pocket! Good return for the $50 or so I spent at the pet store!

Steve said...

That is very cute! You'l love looking back on that video several years from now. I've never heard of a dwarf ferret either. Looks just like a hamster.

Britt said...

You know they are nocturnal though? I had one in while in college and it would was so noisy while I was trying to sleep! We have a gerbil now, which are not nocturnal (I wasn't taking any chances Kids seem to sleep through anything though :) Too cute!!!

Abbie H. said...

Carol-LOL-good luck! She absolutely loves him, but she can't manage just to leave him alone. I have to put him on top of the refrigerator just so he can sleep.

Jess-You WOULD have to build one. I had one before Aleeyah and our cat learned how to open it's cage. One day we woke up and he wasn't in his cage and we couldn't find him. We finally found him behind the washer. We later watched the cat open it so that's how we knew it was him.

Susan-Awww! Cute name for a little fuzz ball! You've made me start thinking we should probably call him by his name more so that he might learn it.

Tracy-Nah, I wouldn't feel like the worst mom. Apparently, your son didn't care for him much. If Aleeyah didn't like him, I would probably be more inclined to at some point find him a home where they had a child that did care for him. But shhh-I hold him a lot myself. :)

Steve-A dwarf ferret??? I've never heard of such a thing!

Britt-yeah, I've had a couple myself so I already knew that he was going to be up through the night. He isn't even in Aleeyah's room right now because he would never get any sleep and I would have a harder time supervising play time. He isn't too noisy though.

Steve said...

Ha Ha! I misread your post. You did call it a dwarf hamster, but I thought I remembered you saying a dwarf ferret, when you just said ferret in the post ... the memory is the first thing to go!

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