Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm too sexy for my (tote)......

So sexy it hurts! LOL Remember that song???? I would say google it if you don't, but your life will still be complete without it!

I am one of those mom's that has not carried a purse since the day my girl was born. That was over 3 years ago. For a long time now I have been carrying a bag. Not like a full blown diaper bag, but more of a casual tote. I've received multiple comments on it as I've carried it for some time now, but it was still a tote that toted around diapers/pull-ups, wipes, toys, sippy cups, and complete with smashed crackers in the bottom.

Since Aleeyah is fully potty trained and even successful at staying dry most nights now, I make the decision that I'm ready for a purse again. I'm ready to start feeling more like a woman than my daughter's personal assistant--carrying everything that the princess might need. Granted my purse will still have back-up panties, bubble gum, and the occasional snack, but I imagine that will just be a part of my purse life for many years to come (minus the panties...or at least I would hope so).

There have been two things that have majorly made me realize I am officially getting older. Shopping for sunglasses and purses. I went through the sunglasses issue a while back. I feel like I'm too old for the buggy sunglasses. You know-the ones that all the girls where that are about 10 times bigger than their face. I finally found a pair that I could agree with, but who knows if they were actually stylish. But of course, they were smashed inside of the tote I was telling you about. Meaning that I need to go out for another day of I'm-way-to-young-to-be-feeling-this-old shopping adventure for new sunglasses. A day I'm not looking forward to.

But this post wasn't suppose to be about the sunglasses. The other night, on our way home from Best Buy, I had Chris stop at Target so I could look at purses. Up to this point, I have noticed a few purses being carried by other women. I had been trying to notice what people are carrying. Granted I hadn't done ALL my homework, but most of the purses I had seen were Coach bags. They have some cute bags, but I'm not willing to pay the high price for a bunch of printed C's on my purse. I have priorities and spending a gargantuous amount of money on a purse doesn't fit into those priorities. (not trying to offend anyone who does buy the occasional Coach bag)

I walked around the purse department at Target looking for a bag that stood out to me. What I saw was Coach like bags with O's instead of C's. Now, I'm also not going to go out and buy a bag for the shear fact that it could almost be the real deal because it's not and people can see that for themselves. I'm also not going for the I-spent-way-too-much-money-on-my-purse look. I'm more likely to tell you about the great deal I got on another purse.

I also saw some over-sized bags that looked like they were from the 80s. Yes, I have seen a few celebs with similar looks. Yes, it appears to be the thing. BUT where does it fit in with me? I just got done carrying over-sized bags and I never cared for the 80s look. If I can't pull off the bug sunglasses, how in the world do I pull off the 80s-droopy-leather couch bag?

So, I purchased a suitable bag for now and am off to do some research. I even have my husband out on the prowl to be looking at other women's bags to see what I should be carrying! Haha! He will love that I just told all my blog readers that! I have some great stories about him and noticing fashion. For instance, one day he was at the airport with a few guys from his work. Apparently, a beautiful woman walked past and as many men would do-they all turned around to look as she walked past. Just before all the other men made any barbaric comments about the woman, my husband (here is my, I taught him well moment) says, "Her shoes did not go with that outfit!" As you can imagine, he will never live that one down! If I remember right, I first heard the story from one of the co-workers he was with. I have many more, but I think I will not completely embarrass him in one blog sitting! haha!

If you have any great suggestions on what a young mom like myself should be carrying, I'd love to hear it!!!


Jill Foley said...

Pass on the suggestions to me when you get them because I feel the same way....I feel so out of it (and old) when I go shopping because I just don't "get" the styles. Man...I've turned into my mom! It's the same with shoes for me.

Anyway...some great advice I read one time was to view your purse as a tool. It needs to be one that serves you determine the purposes it has to fulfill. AND it's ok to spend a little more money on one good purse rather than having several that don't suit your needs.

For a while (pre-children) I had a huge purse that I could fit a magazine or book into. Then when I had my kiddos, I used a backpack diaper I'm down to a small backpack and still have to carry a couple diapers and wipes. With 2 kids I like to have my hands free so the backpack serves me well. Plus it came from France so usually people compliment me on it and ask where I got it!

I've been looking at new purses, too, when I'm out shopping, but haven't gotten one yet. I'd love to get rid of all the useless ones I've managed to gather over the past couple years and replace them with a really good one.

That's my two cents....

Laura said...

I'm the last one to ask for fashion advice! But I will give you shopping advice! We are trying whenever possible to not buy "new"! For many different reasons! If we have to buy new - we try to buy fairtrade - or something handmade! There are a TON of beautiful handcrafted handbags out there on line! That's my 2 cents! :)

Becky said...

I do my purse shopping at Kohl's. They have cute trendy stuff and more staple kind of stuff too. I can usually find a good fit for what I want and with their sales, I usually don't end up paying much for it at all. Good luck. I know purse shopping can be tricky!

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