Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I need a pool boy.....for my fish tank mess!

I feel so out of touch with my blogging friends right now! Sorry. :( Don't post too much so that I can catch up quickly! Okay?

I'm finally sitting down to eat some lunch so I thought I'd give a quick update......

For 3 days now, my hands have been in fish water, poop, name it. My house smells like a fish market. Aleeyah won't even go in her bathroom to use it because she says it stinks. I finally got all the gravel washed today and was able to get the tank set back up. Mr. Pleco made it over to my dad's house last night. My dad has a nice, non-toxic tank and Mr. Pleco took to it like fish to water.......okay, I know-LAME!!! I haven't talked to Dad yet today, but I am assuming he is doing well.

I'll be glad to finally have everything cleaned up and put away. Something in the fish polluted air is reeking havoc on my lungs. I even had a dream about using my inhaler last night. Since the allergens aren't as bad here in Kansas compared to Oklahoma, I have been fortunate to not have to live on 2 inhalers and my 2 allergy medicines constantly. It's been nice. But something with the algae and fish junk is causing problems. Yeah, I probably should be doing that instead of updating the blog, but shhhhhhhh......we won't tell anyone! ;)

Okay, fine! I'm getting back to it!

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